Monday, August 27, 2018

Shimmer & Shine

Today's style is focused on athleisure glam. So thankful for the holidays as I get to relax and destress. My mall outfit was rather a top and jeans kind of day, but with a twist.  Since I wanted to add some sass, I paired my teal pants with a metallic top. Simple in front, yet sheer at the back, perfect for the Philippine Weather.

The look I went for was full brows, a little cat-eye and some light tint on the cheeks and lips. Since my ensemble was already eyecatching and flashy at the same time, I went for light makeup to balance it out.

Sneakers would always be the preferred footwear for utmost comfort, but I also do wear heels to the mall once in awhile. Can't blame the style blogger in me. Trust me, heels are a confidence-level booster; works every time! The weekend flew by fast, tomorrow is work-day again, do keep a positive attitude, and don't forget to smile :)


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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Your Crowning Glory

The fastest way to change your look is either with a new hairstyle or a new hair color. Whether your reason is to ride with the latest trend, move on from a heartbreak/  a medical condition, or simply to change to a new you, your hair is the best kept secret to achieve your goals.

Every now and then, I meet women with immense curiosity on purchasing the right quality of hair extensions, that is why I thought of writing this quick article for a change.

Hair Extensions are basically clipped, glued or sewn on to your hair. Various methods available include tape-in extensions, clip in , human virgin hair , hair weave et al. I personally believe that many women who suffer from issues of hair thinning or lack of hair resort to the aid of human hair extensions , as they are able to easily boost their confidence with such crowning glory. There are several alternatives of extensions online yet Virgin Hair Companies seem to supply the highest quality extensions , thereby giving utmost value to your time and money.

Take for instance these various looks which are available in different shades and styles. They don't only look natural but extremely stylish. You get to say goodbye to bad hair days in an instant. You also get to shampoo and condition them so maintenance is not an issue. 

And for those women who are more adventurous, these Ombre hair would be very interesting to sport. Get ready for a look that comes with style and attitude.

Generally, Virgin Hair Companies produce special kind of extensions; they're provided with Natural scalps to enable them to be fixed using their scalp with no clips.  This produces a natural look with no complications. It's natural shine can be compared with human hair. I do recommend that you ought to see a physician or a professional before you apply this, as they can help you choose what's the best option for you.

To find out more about the best virgin hair companies, the easiest way is to browse the Internet. Using the help of virgin hair vendors available online, you'll be able to collect details about them and read hundreds or thousand of reviews before you finally choose the right hair extension for you.


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