Sunday, July 31, 2016

Corporate Chic

If pantsuits aren't your style staple for powerdressing,
then why not try pencil dresses in two-tone colors for a change.

The beauty with color-block dresses like so is its ability to somehow
 contour your body. I'm far from sexy but don't you think that the 
contrasting colors seem to create an illusion of 
a slender yet curvier silhouette?

This scene-stealer dress is from ROMWE , 
one of my favorite online fashion stores.
I paired the dress with some nude heels for a more sophisticated feel.

For this particular photo, I added a matching cap just for fun :)

Stay beautiful and inspired dear readers :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Standing Tall

Being petite is not a walk in the park.
It's actually an insecurity that most girls like me have.
So I figured why not share with you some tips 
on how to look tall sans the heels.

First is to observe proper posture
I know, I know, that's a given,
but most of time, we tend to forget. I myself plead guilty.

Second is to Wear Co-Ords.
It gives you a better silhouette by somehow elongating your legs.
To pull-off this look, I went for an ensemble that has an
 interesting print and a side slit top and shorts terno.

Lastly, Shoot from below.
Bend as if you are to tie your shoelaces and see 
how a change in perspective can recreate your look.

I hope these tips are helpful. After all, when you look tall,
you feel more confident about yourself.

Sharing some positivity and good vibes!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nude & Neutral

Having just watched Tarzan a few weeks ago,
I figured why not create a look inspired by the beautiful Jane.

Jane's persona is ravishing so I went for a nude dress that is chic
and paired it with some strappy flats (a gift from my thoughtful sister) 
to give my ensemble some oooomph. 

Flats from Shana

When playing dressup, always remember to be original. 
Don't be a copycat and reproduce a look as if it's your own creation. 
Imagine yourself as a designer or stylist and let your creativity & personality flow.
In that way, people will be amazed and yet recognize the look as you.

Dress by XXI

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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