Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vespa Blue

Plains & Prints certainly underwent a successful transformation the moment Ms. Liz Uy became the face of this brand. 
So far, all the collections launched were definitely more fresh and unique. 

What I'm wearing here is from Plain's and Print's KATE MIDDLETON inspired collection. 
Who wouldn't know Kate right? 
...That beautiful Duchess of Cambridge who swept Prince William off his feet! She's definitely one lucky girl!

FACTS ABOUT THE LOVELY DUCHESS when it comes to dressing up accdg to style sources

-the color Blue accounts for 21 percent of her wardrobe choices
-she wore blue in significant functions such as her engagement interview and the London pre-Olympic exhibition
-She loves wearing blazers to complete her whole preppy look.

Some details about my Outfit

 Froylan Blazer, Plains and Prints, Php 2,095
Froylan City Shorts, Plains and Prints, Php 1,195
Vespa Scooter Shirt, Muffin

I just love Royal Blue in its metallic shade. It makes you look vibrant and chic instantly. 
The blazer and shorts are even matching! So Cute!
Feel free to match these pieces with your other clothes and create a different ensemble. 
If you remember my ballet post (here), I wore this blazer upon attending a ballet performance. 
These pieces are so versatile that I can wear it anywhere as long as I match it with the right piece of accessory and clothing.
 Isn't that amazing!!!

 Ring from Carbon
Neon bangles, USA

Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated or hired by Plains and Prints to endorse their products. (I wish someday I will have some kind of opportunity though, haha). I just believe in their brand so much that I feel that  it's also worth your time checking it out. Be proud of being a Filipino. Support local brands too :) Here's their website

'til my next post! Have a good day my dear readers :) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey Stranger

Remember those movie plots wherein hot girls flirt with guys and call them "Hey stranger"? 
Well, for some reason, this look of mine reminds me of a certain semblance. 
I'd say a little rendition of a girl-next-door type and a playful one.

Top from Apartment8
Shades from Eye Channel London

Shorts from Plains & Prints

Shoes from C.A.T.C.H

To get this look:
Pick bright colors for you to get enough attention. 
Your outfit doesn't have to be way revealing, just make sure you're comfortable in it. 
Wear some eye-catching heels and oh, don't forget those shades. 
Lastly, Put some attitude and work it girl :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

White's Hot: The Mysterious Affair

Every color has its own story to tell. 
Red can depict confidence, love and attraction. 
Black, on the other hand, can be sexy yet mysterious
Yellow can mean optimism and happiness
And so the list goes on...

How about White? Isn't it a color as well?
While most people don't find white to be as HOT as Red or Black, I am here to disprove that point.

White is indeed a Sensitive color. It can make or break your entire look. 
Most people opt not to wear white simply because it easily catches dirt. 
That's acceptable but I believe such reason isn't enough to keep me from wearing it.

White easily gets you noticed. 
You can be that ethereal Goddess that everyone is dying to meet. 
Or you can be a little bit playful and exude a mysterious aura.  
Whatever your mood for the day is, as long as you couple it with the right accessories, 
then you'll look fabulous and undeniably HOT.

As you can see from my outfit, White easily goes well with black and gold. 
They can put that certain oomph anytime anywhere! 
Just match it with unique pieces of accessories and you're good to go.

Now more about what I'm wearing...

  Shades from Eye Channel London |Chandelier Earrings from Greece
Red Lips by Estee Lauder | Black hat from Bazaar

Black & Gold Bangle from Carbon |
Black Sequined Clutch from Heelz Hobbo

Pumps from Parisian

White Bubble dress from Preview

Lastly, here are 3 Simple tips to look HOT in white:

1) Do not over accessorize.
White can speak by itself. Just choose unique pieces like an eye-catching jewelry or clutch bag.

2) Insert a Pop of color! 
Complement white with a dominant bold color such as black or red. 
This will make your look interesting and accentuate your best assets when done right.

3) Walk with confidence and attitude. 
All eyes are on you as white makes you easily noticeable so work it girl! Don't forget to Smile! 

I guess we all are ready!

Move over Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, 
this girl in her Little White dress may be your modern counterpart :)

Readers, check this page out

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Make it Casual

There are just days when you want some "Me time"
In my case, this means non-stop Shopping!!!
Long hours of walking would only mean one thing: COMFORTABLE clothes is a must.

Comfort in my vocabulary doesn't mean wearing T-shirt and jeans.
Don't get me wrong though, I have nothing against it, but I guess I want more 'flavor' when it comes to style.

In fact, my friends rarely see me in simple attire.
You'll only remember seeing me in a t-shirt back in my Physical Education Class or when I'm going to sleep.

That's it. Hahaha.

Top from Landmark
Bottom from NewLover
Accessories from Carbon

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Thousand Cranes

I'm not sure why but this outfit of mine reminds me of a thousand paper cranes, Japan's culture of Origami folding. 
My colorful graphic top or the flower on my hair I suppose!

So a little background of paper cranes for those who don't have any idea about it. 

In Japanese culture, Cranes are believed to be mystical creatures and are said to live for 1000 years
Imagine that! As such, it was said that anyone folding a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish.

 These are usually done by a father wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity to the couple or for someone who needs to recover from an illness. These cranes are made out of colorful origami papers and are held together with a string.

I actually do know several people who folded paper cranes as a way of proposing to their significant other or as a gift to symbolize how lucky they are to have each other. Some were successful, some were not. But the thought of folding a thousand cranes for someone I must say is really something. After all, you don't find a lot of guys who would do all those effort for a girl these days. So girls, you're lucky if someone did this for you or something similar to this. You must really mean a lot to him :)

For my outfit, I wanted something vibrant and colorful since I'm attending a birthday celebration. 
So I chose a graphic tube top and paired it with an ultra stylish skirt. A white skirt is perfect in neutralizing colorful tones.

Graphic Top from Bazaar
Skirt from Apartment8
Necklace from Carbon
Heels from Venus

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink Lollipop

Most girls go gaga over the color PINK

It certainly is one of the prettiest colors and some girls would even have their entire room filled with Pink stuffs making them feel like a Princess. I'm not obsessed with the color but it sure is one of my favorites. It's fun, fresh, feminine and alive!

 Pink goes best with Black, White or Gold. These colors make you look instantly glammed up. If you want more quirky colors, you can always try ColorBlocking. Love Neon? Try mixing pink with yellow and finish the look by accessorizing with some bangles and beads. That should do the trick.

Top from XXI
Pants by U Rustan's
Bracelet from H & M
Shoes from Bazaar

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swan Lake

Pointe and Flex....
Women in their Glittering Tutus and Leotards....
Men in tights.....
Welcome to the World of Ballet!

Ballet is a work of Art and here in the Philippines, no one can do it better than Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, our Prima Ballerina. So when I got the opportunity to watch her perform on-stage as Kitri in the Grande Pas de Deux in Don Quixote, I immediately took it. 

Since I went straight to the Theatre after work, I just brought with me a silver see-through formal wear to finish my look. All else was my work attire.

Even though photos were not allowed, I tried to take some for my personal files and for me to blog about. I actually noticed that the guard was flashing his flashlight on several people whom he had caught taking photos and videos, me included. But I just had to grab at least one for remembrance :)

This is one segment that I like because of the classical Tutus the ballerinas were wearing. It's simply flattering. Despite it being a fitted bodice, they still managed to dance with utmost grace.

During the latter part of the show, it became more intense as Ms.Lisa exhibited her forte for performing perfect fouettes- turning around on one foot continuously with quick change of leg work.

The Most Touching part of the program was when Ms. Lisa received standing ovation from the audience. She cried and was definitely proof of how happy and fulfilled she was during that moment. No words can describe it I must say. Her partner Mikhail Martynuk was also very impressive which added to the audience's loud Bravos during the program. Kudos Ms. Lisa, so proud of you!

So now more about my outfit...

As I have said, I went straight to the Theater after work so I barely have time to change. So in cases like these, my suggestion is that you bring an outfit that could easily change your entire look. I was just wearing a black sleeveless top in the office coupled with my blue blazer from Plains & Prints. (I Just love the blazer and will blog about it soon!) This silver see-through sequined top absolutely did all the magic. 

Formal Wear designed by Santiago de Manila 
Blazer by Plains & Prints
Shoes by MIA, USA

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Side Swept

Hollywood Celebrities usually opt for a side-swept hairstyle to complete their Gala look. But who says we can't sport this look in ordinary days right?!

A side-swept hairstyle can either be elegant or casual depending on your choice of wardrobe and accessory. In fact, such hairstyle can accentuate your facial features and add some dimension to your overall look.

To easily create a sleek and sophisticated look, you can add a bejeweled pin, a ribbon or a headband as a finishing touch. Lastly, don't forget to smile. Voila, you're good to go :)

Top from Folded & Hung
Pants from Jill By Rustan's


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game Time: Let's Play Ball

While rummaging through my closet...
...Lo and behold, I found this outfit that I haven't worn for a long time.

If my memory serves it right, the last time I wore this was back in 
Second Year college in our Badminton tournament for our Physical Education Class.

Since my mood was up for it, I sported an Athletic look in the office. 
I love how this white dress can be so simple, yet make you standout. 
A very nice play of athletic couture.

For my footwear, I was choosing between the black or the white. 
Ended up choosing the Black one to be more Chic :) 
It's your turn to 'hoard' your closet, you might not know what you'll find!

Dress by Niños y Niñas
Sandals from Nine West