Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Look of Love

Love fills the air once again now that it's February. No matter what your relationship status may be, always find ways to do you; more often than not, happiness does not always equate to a significant other (but of course, it would be great to have someone!) What's important is to celebrate the love month with a smile. After all, it's all about appreciating people who matter, the ones that add meaning and inspire you to be your best self.

For those of you who are blessed to have a date this Valentines, my look recommendation for 2019 would be wearing Silk in the shade of gold or silver. It's very classy and highlights your body's silhouette.

Dress by Petit Monde

If you still want to go for the default look of wearing a black or red dress for your date night, then standout by choosing a dress with the right cut and style. 

Happy Hearts days Everyone. Life ain't easy but I'm a firm believer that someday, it will all be worth it. We just have to trust the timing of everything. 

Do remember that everyday can be Valentines Day. Make it a point to always look good because you'll never know who you'll meet or what business opportunity you can get. Trust me, it will instantly bring out the confidence in you. Here are more Women Dresses that you can take inspiration from. Stay beautiful bellas!


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