Saturday, October 6, 2012

Swan Lake

Pointe and Flex....
Women in their Glittering Tutus and Leotards....
Men in tights.....
Welcome to the World of Ballet!

Ballet is a work of Art and here in the Philippines, no one can do it better than Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, our Prima Ballerina. So when I got the opportunity to watch her perform on-stage as Kitri in the Grande Pas de Deux in Don Quixote, I immediately took it. 

Since I went straight to the Theatre after work, I just brought with me a silver see-through formal wear to finish my look. All else was my work attire.

Even though photos were not allowed, I tried to take some for my personal files and for me to blog about. I actually noticed that the guard was flashing his flashlight on several people whom he had caught taking photos and videos, me included. But I just had to grab at least one for remembrance :)

This is one segment that I like because of the classical Tutus the ballerinas were wearing. It's simply flattering. Despite it being a fitted bodice, they still managed to dance with utmost grace.

During the latter part of the show, it became more intense as Ms.Lisa exhibited her forte for performing perfect fouettes- turning around on one foot continuously with quick change of leg work.

The Most Touching part of the program was when Ms. Lisa received standing ovation from the audience. She cried and was definitely proof of how happy and fulfilled she was during that moment. No words can describe it I must say. Her partner Mikhail Martynuk was also very impressive which added to the audience's loud Bravos during the program. Kudos Ms. Lisa, so proud of you!

So now more about my outfit...

As I have said, I went straight to the Theater after work so I barely have time to change. So in cases like these, my suggestion is that you bring an outfit that could easily change your entire look. I was just wearing a black sleeveless top in the office coupled with my blue blazer from Plains & Prints. (I Just love the blazer and will blog about it soon!) This silver see-through sequined top absolutely did all the magic. 

Formal Wear designed by Santiago de Manila 
Blazer by Plains & Prints
Shoes by MIA, USA


  1. Wow, what a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the ballet! I bet it was magnificent. You have such versatile pieces going from day to evening wear.

    1. Hi Donna! Yes, i'm glad to have that opportunity. Watching our Prima Ballerina dance her way all over the world makes our country, the Philippines, very proud. Yep, fashion is indeed versatile. Choosing the right accessories will easily do the trick. Thanks so much! take care :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Chai! Thanks! I'll be posting my new look soon, stay tuned :) take care