Monday, June 4, 2018

Stylish Looks for 2018

The most popular month for Wedding Bells has finally arrived. Hello June! Whether you're still single, soon to get hitched or attending as a guest in your friend's wedding, it's always a brilliant idea to know what look you want to arrive in.

First on my list would always be the style and the color of the dress, so when ToSave sent me this dress, I was excited to wear it, as the dress fits well with my personality. ToSave is an online shop where you can shop for various products, from clothes to computer accessories, to video games and the like, at unbeatable prices as the shop claims.

What I love about this bodycon mini dress is it gives off a charming balance of sweet and sultry.  The offshoulder floral applique certainly adds oomph to the look. The fabric is quite thin so if you're a bit conservative, you might want to wear an inner. Other than that, the dress is so chic, not to mention extremely affordable, hence their brand name.

ToSave also has faux accessories. They sent this necklace together with the dress, and it definitely completes my look. So if ever you do get drunk after a night of partying, fret not because you can afford hundreds of them as it is that affordable. If you don't believe me, checkout their 18k gold plated crystal necklace .

Aside from this dress, here are my personal style recommendations for you to standout this 2018. If there's one fashion advice that I tell my readers, it's to always choose the style that you're most comfortable in, as confidence is always key to rocking any look. It actually doesn't matter whether you're wearing a luxury label or not; what matters is how you pull it off. If you're planning to do some shopping, make sure to check the size chart carefully before ordering :)

V Neck Mini Dress

Classy need not be predictable nor boring. 
Surprise your date by sporting a V-neck Mini Dress styled with pleats and a sexy back.

Lace Cocktail Dress

If you're the romantic type, go for something sheer yet classy like this lace cocktail dress
It gives you just the right amount of sex appeal that will make heads turn.

Offshoulder Dress

Make a grand homecoming by wearing this mustard number. 
With an open low-back design, this Offshoulder Dress will surely make heads turn.

So which look would you wear? 
I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Know more about my look by checking out (Women Party Mini Dress)

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Relax & Unwind

If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a toxic week, then you might want to consider treating yourself to a Wellness Spa that can address your specific needs. Nowadays, there's just so many options to choose from that you have no excuse to not give yourself some well-deserved "me-time".

Just a few days ago, I visited a newly opened wellness center (first quarter 2018) called Royal Oriental Wellness or “ROW” for short, located in #233 Nicanor Garcia Street Makati. The name speaks for itself.

Upon entering, my sister and I were welcomed with warm smiles and some ginger tea. We were also asked to fill in some personal details as SOP. Expect questions like “Are you pregnant?”, and yes it is indeed a valid question to ask because some massage techniques / stretching can be borderline extreme.  It’s always safe to ask, you never know.

So here are some snippets of the interiors of the place. Personally I’d say it’s very modern with an interesting touch of the Orient. It is so cozy that it feels like home. The lighting accentuates the setting.

We were then led to the second floor, to which we each had our own therapists. Do take note that you also have the option to request for a Chinese Master for a more specialized service. 

My sister and I availed of The Royal Signature Foot Massage for 80 minutes. The rate was at Php980. If you choose a Chinese Master, it would be at P1,180. For added comfort, ROW provides an outfit to which you can change in, but you can also opt not to if you don’t want. Just a point of clarification though, The Royal Signature Foot Massage is not purely foot massage.

To me, it’s as I’m availing of a full body massage. It’s definitely worth it, not to mention their beds are so comfortable.

Big shoutout to my therapist Cherry and Royal Oriental Wellness for pampering me :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! No matter what, after a long week, always find time to relax. Start by listening to your favorite song. Trust me, it will always set the mood.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Little Miss Sunshine

Cool, Calm and Collected. This is my peg for today’s post. A look that is very timely for the month of May. Hopefully good times ahead. Let's all stay positive.

If you’re observant enough, then you’d probably notice that my top is quite loose. Well that’s because I am wearing my dad’s polo. Who says women can’t rock men’s fashion?

Truth is, if I had a boyfriend, I’d probably hoard his closet too. Hopefully he likes the idea. (Laughs) And if he doesn't mind, I can also help choose his outfits...the blogger in me is always at work.

With the proper styling, wearing oversized clothes can be damn sexy. Remember when Ana wore Christian’s clothes in Fifty Shades? Messy or undone hair paired with a polo has so much sex appeal.

Anyways, styling an oversized polo is easy. Just fold both sleeves (I prefer ¾) , then get the ends of the polo and tie a ribbon/knot. For a more revealing look, you can also dress the polo as an offshoulder, doesn’t hurt to get creative. It’s fun that way.

I paired my dad’s polo with fitted jeans and a pair of nude-beige rubbershoes for a casual look.  For the accessories, I went for a gold and black combo for both my earrings and purse. It’s a color combination that never goes out of style. Glamour at its best.

Jeans by Refuge |  Bag from Dorothy Perkins |  Shoes from Shoo In

Welcoming May with so much love! As always, stay cool and chic. Take advantage of the remaining summer days and wear something bright and colorful.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

In Full Bloom

One of the best time to go to Japan is definitely Cherry Blossom Season which is from end of March to April. It's just refreshing to be surrounded by these lovely trees in full bloom, how I miss this place, (circa April 2015).

I wish I was traveling right now, but due to so much work responsibilities, I guess it can wait as business is at its peak. Fortunately, I was able to take a quick breather just a month ago in Iloilo (which I hope you were able to read about). Now that summer days ain't over yet, wearing light breathable clothes is a must. My recommended look for days like these is an offshoulder floral dress which in fact reminds me so much of Sakura. 

Take this advice from a woman who has an appetite of a man. If you want to cover unflattering parts like your arms and basically tons of fats everywhere, offshoulder dresses are the quickfix. This style accentuates your curves at about any angle. Plus points for showing just the right amount of skin. 

The peg I went for was something Oriental---a look that is inspired by both China and Japan. Since my dress is printed already, I chose a simple pair of accessory: a ribbon necklace gifted by my bestfriend Jasmin, and a black pair of block heels which I can walk comfortably in when at the mall. For a change, I finished my look with loose curls. 


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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Cape Dress

Back to work! These past two weeks have been very demanding but despite the stress (and getting sick), I am still grateful that in the process, my sister and I were able to close several deals. Persistence is definitely key to success and we must admit that a little charm and wit definitely helps as well. 

The Built-In-Cape trend may have been introduced a few years back by celebrities in The Oscars, and models in Fashion Week, but I believe this look is here to stay. The outfir is so put together that you can easily sport a classy or casual ensemble with the right pair of accessories.

Dress by Melody |   Sandals by Parisian

In my case, I finished the look with chic block heels and a gold trapeze bag. The drape detailing of the cape is pure sophistication that I need not put much effort in styling it. This is where "less is more" becomes priceless as this is power-dressing at its finest. Whether you feel like wearing it in a  business meeting or even to the mall, it's yours for the taking, as all you need to decide on is the right kind of footwear to match it with.

If there's one thing I learned in business, it's that people are out there to get you. Well, it is undeniably part of human nature, and we all want to have that upperhand at things. All I'm saying is that never get too attached to anything because sometimes your kindness can actually backfire. Trust me, I've been there, done that. If it ain't worth it, let go. Choose your battles well---- similar to that thing we call life.

Life is indeed a journey where we stumble and fall, but with the right kind of attitude and grit, we will be able to surpass those roadblocks. We are our own superheroes (and this dress certainly reminds me of that!) May we all inspire each other to appreciate even the little things. One step at a time, we will all get there.


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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend Getaway

Last March 16, we left our hectic schedules for a quick escapade to Iloilo. It's always good vibes being here because of our huge family clan, not to mention our super cool and fun-loving cousins.    

Grateful to this bunch for taking us around Iloilo. Since there was no traffic at all, unlike Manila, we were able to quickly satisfy our seafood cravings at Siete Picados, Dumangas.

Talk about seafood.....and baked oysters will always come into mind. These babies are so addictive. Imagine 8 pieces for only Php120. We had 3 plates of these yummy mouthwatering goodness.

It's been awhile since I was able to breathe fresh air. Manila is incredibly polluted and toxic. For a few days, I get to say hello peace and quiet.

Twinning with dearest sister! Vibrant summer dresses and sunnies are always a must wear for summer. Floral prints are always a best bet.

Before the seafood craze, we had these as "appetizers", courtesy of 13th Street Espresso. Oh, our family definitely loves to eat.

When in Iloilo, don't forget to eat La Paz Batchoy, as it is a delicacy and a signature dish. So much to eat! My tummy is definitely happy.

And of course, the reason for this joyous season is our beautiful cousin Thal marrying the love of her life. Seal it with a kiss <3

Just look at how Mark looks at her. Definitely a match made in heaven. Weddings always make me tearup. Someday I hope to walk down the aisle with the man God has destined me for. Keep the faith.

The wedding reception was held at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel. It is located in President Roxas, Iloilo City. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Du! We hope to see little ones soon and make our family even bigger.

Here are some snippets of the hotel. Couldn't be any prouder as my uncle Arch. Hilario Ng is one of the key people behind this masterpiece. He was recently recognized and awarded as an ASEAN Architect. A big congratulations uncle Larry.

The Presidential Suite
The Infinity Pool

The Empire Lounge

KTV rooms 

It was indeed an enjoyable escapade. Though short and quick, still thankful for having some time off to rest and relax. It's been fun Iloilo! I will miss you guys. 'til the next one.

*photo from Tiff


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