Sunday, April 22, 2018

In Full Bloom

One of the best time to go to Japan is definitely Cherry Blossom Season which is from end of March to early May. It's just refreshing to be surrounded by these lovely trees in full bloom, how I miss this place, (circa April 2015).

I wish I was traveling right now, but due to so much work responsibilities, I guess it can wait as business is at its peak. Fortunately, I was able to take a quick breather just a month ago in Iloilo (which I hope you were able to read about). Now that summer days ain't over yet, wearing light breathable clothes is a must. My recommended look for days like these is an offshoulder floral dress which in fact reminds me so much of Sakura. 

Take this advice from a woman who has an appetite of a man. If you want to cover unflattering parts like your arms and basically tons of fats everywhere, offshoulder dresses are the quickfix. This style accentuates your curves at about any angle. Plus points for showing just the right amount of skin. 

The peg I went for was something Oriental---a look that is inspired by both China and Japan. Since my dress is printed already, I chose a simple pair of accessory: a ribbon necklace gifted by my bestfriend Jasmin, and a black pair of block heels which I can walk comfortably in when at the mall. For a change, I finished my look with loose curls. 


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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Cape Dress

Back to work! These past two weeks have been very demanding but despite the stress (and getting sick), I am still grateful that in the process, my sister and I were able to close several deals. Persistence is definitely key to success and we must admit that a little charm and wit definitely helps as well. 

The Built-In-Cape trend may have been introduced a few years back by celebrities in The Oscars, and models in Fashion Week, but I believe this look is here to stay. The outfir is so put together that you can easily sport a classy or casual ensemble with the right pair of accessories.

Dress by Melody |   Sandals by Parisian

In my case, I finished the look with chic block heels and a gold trapeze bag. The drape detailing of the cape is pure sophistication that I need not put much effort in styling it. This is where "less is more" becomes priceless as this is power-dressing at its finest. Whether you feel like wearing it in a  business meeting or even to the mall, it's yours for the taking, as all you need to decide on is the right kind of footwear to match it with.

If there's one thing I learned in business, it's that people are out there to get you. Well, it is undeniably part of human nature, and we all want to have that upperhand at things. All I'm saying is that never get too attached to anything because sometimes your kindness can actually backfire. Trust me, I've been there, done that. If it ain't worth it, let go. Choose your battles well---- similar to that thing we call life.

Life is indeed a journey where we stumble and fall, but with the right kind of attitude and grit, we will be able to surpass those roadblocks. We are our own superheroes (and this dress certainly reminds me of that!) May we all inspire each other to appreciate even the little things. One step at a time, we will all get there.


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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend Getaway

Last March 16, we left our hectic schedules for a quick escapade to Iloilo. It's always good vibes being here because of our huge family clan, not to mention our super cool and fun-loving cousins.    

Grateful to this bunch for taking us around Iloilo. Since there was no traffic at all, unlike Manila, we were able to quickly satisfy our seafood cravings at Siete Picados, Dumangas.

Talk about seafood.....and baked oysters will always come into mind. These babies are so addictive. Imagine 8 pieces for only Php120. We had 3 plates of these yummy mouthwatering goodness.

It's been awhile since I was able to breathe fresh air. Manila is incredibly polluted and toxic. For a few days, I get to say hello peace and quiet.

Twinning with dearest sister! Vibrant summer dresses and sunnies are always a must wear for summer. Floral prints are always a best bet.

Before the seafood craze, we had these as "appetizers", courtesy of 13th Street Espresso. Oh, our family definitely loves to eat.

When in Iloilo, don't forget to eat La Paz Batchoy, as it is a delicacy and a signature dish. So much to eat! My tummy is definitely happy.

And of course, the reason for this joyous season is our beautiful cousin Thal marrying the love of her life. Seal it with a kiss <3

Just look at how Mark looks at her. Definitely a match made in heaven. Weddings always make me tearup. Someday I hope to walk down the aisle with the man God has destined me for. Keep the faith.

The wedding reception was held at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel. It is located in President Roxas, Iloilo City. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Du! We hope to see little ones soon and make our family even bigger.

Here are some snippets of the hotel. Couldn't be any prouder as my uncle Arch. Hilario Ng is one of the key people behind this masterpiece. He was recently recognized and awarded as an ASEAN Architect. A big congratulations uncle Larry.

The Presidential Suite
The Infinity Pool

The Empire Lounge

KTV rooms 

It was indeed an enjoyable escapade. Though short and quick, still thankful for having some time off to rest and relax. It's been fun Iloilo! I will miss you guys. 'til the next one.

*photo from Tiff


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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Island Girl

Nah, I'm no island girl nor do I have the body to be one. Lol. Just a city girl sporting an urban inspired weekend look. Time to bring out those bell sleeves and a side slit maxi skirt for that laidback twist.

A summer ready look will always involve florals. Choose one in a crop top or an offshoulder style like so. To keep you looking fresh all day, go for vibrant colors or pastel hues to match your skintone. 

Whether you're a beach babe looking to dressup a bikini or a trendsetter sporting a chic ensemble, your side slit maxi skirts are a great investment as they are both fun and flirty. Don't be afraid to mix and match. After all, this is the time of year that you ought to look young and carefree.

Time to Chill with some Matcha goodness! Twin and I enjoying our Tsujiri Floats to beat the summer heat. Definitely a must try.


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Monday, February 26, 2018

Walking on Sunshine

As it is often said, where flowers bloom, so does hope.
Welcoming summer with bright colors, a positive attitude and a smile.

With new projects in the pipeline, my twin and I will be busier than ever.
Can't wait to take a little "breather" from all the stress. 
Excited for our quick escapade this March and I can't wait to share it with you.

Skort from Plains & Prints |   Strappy Heels by PaylessPH

Speaking of summer, it's that time of year to bring out your floral dresses & nautical stripes.
Or go ahead and sport a casual & fresh look by betting on your favorite LWD.

Oversized Watch from TW Steel

Finish your look with bright accents such as red or orange.
A pop of color is definitely eyecatching.
Please go easy on dark colors. Choose colors that are relaxing to the eye.


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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Easy Love

There you go, it's mid February. I'm already a year older, and hopefully a year wiser.
This 2018, I feel that nude/earth tone palettes are a must wear.
It makes you look chic and polished; Easy-going without going overboard.

And yes who can forget Valentines? I may not have a significant other, 
but I am indeed blessed for the overwhelming love of family and friends.

 Someday the stars would align and hopefully lead me to the right guy.
And whoever that guy is, he sure is damn lucky. LoL

There's always this running debate if you can remain friends with your exes.
I actually don't think it's possible especially if there was intimacy involved.

Don't get me wrong though, if you really care for that person, 
there's no need to shut him/her out of your life completely. 
Yes, the daily conversations will stop, things will change, 
yet do remember that you can still greet him/her 
on special occasions because that would mean that he/she isn't forgotten :)

'Til my next post. Don't forget to share the love and be thankful with what you have :)

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Black Beauty

January flew by so quickly. Now we enter the love month, CNY and of course my birthmonth :) Triple celebration indeed.

For all the couples out there, stay in love; And for those still single, do remember that being single shouldn't equate to loneliness. Those drama should only take a few seconds, lol. I guess find what makes you happy and things will follow thru #notetoself

If you're still looking for that perfect date look, here's another style inspiration to keep the romantic vibe flowing. Floral dresses and strappy heels will never go out of style. Keep it classy by choosing solid or neutral colors such as black. Black elongates and slims your silhouette. 

I suggest curling your hair to give it some volume, and of course flashing your best smile to complete the entire look. No need to exert too much effort. Trust me, for boys, less is always more. That's about it, have fun and enjoy the night.

If you need more ideas on how to wear your favorite LBD, checkout my previous post on Back to Black for some fashion inspiration. I'll be posting more, so do dropby my blog often. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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