Monday, October 20, 2014

Like a Sweetheart

I've promised you different looks for the upcoming Holiday Season.
So here's another ensemble I came up with. 

Look every bit of a Sweetheart by going with nude and pastel colors.

Simple accessories are all you need to make this look work.
In my case, some bangles, sunnies and a pretty big smile :)

This look is perfect for casual gatherings for the Holiday.
To own this look, first, pick a crop top with a classic design and color.
Second, pick a mullet or asymmetric skirt, preferably in pastel color.

And voila, you've made yourself a gorgeous dress. Easy as that :)

I'm wearing a crop top from Clothes Buffet Manila.
I can't wait to show you the rest of the outfits I got from CBM.
It was indeed a shopping experience to remember.
Excited for the next season. 

If you want to know more about CBM, you can check them out

Crop Top from Clothes Buffet Manila
Skirt from Asia Fashion Wear
Bangles from Forever21
Sunnies from FLY Shades

Do remember that you don't have to follow trends to look good.
Wear something that you feel comfortable in.

In that way, you'll look your best.

If you've missed out on my first Holiday Look recommendation, 
for a Fun Classic Look.

Until my next post :)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Classic Choice

Say hello to the new and improved me :)
Trying out colored hair for a change.

And since the holidays are fast-approaching, 
I've prepared several Holiday Look recommendations just for you.

I'm starting October with a bang with these 
timeless yet stylish pieces from Plains & Prints.

If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you know by now that this 
well-loved brand is a classic choice of sophisticated women.

For the upcoming holidays, I suggest a look that's simple yet eye-catching.

To achieve this look I'm wearing, here are 2 easy steps:

Pick versatile yet contrasting pieces.
Pop of colors make you look ultra-chic and vibrant,
 in-tune with the festive mood of the Yuletide Season.

Pair your ensemble with killer heels to look extra fab.
Heels give women more attitude and confidence.
Need I say more.

Stockton Blouse from Plains & Prints
Cameron Skort from Plains & Prints 

The Stockton Blouse is from The California Dreamin' Collection while the 
Cameron Skort is from The Art Nouveau Collection of Plains & Prints.

This is just the start of my easy Holiday Look recommendations! 
Stay tuned for more my dear readers :)

And while we're at it, do checkout the The Tribal Vibe Collection
the latest Collection of Plains and Prints, inspired by the African Tribe.

A lot of geometric prints and vibrant hues are at play, 
giving you flattering cuts and silhouettes, just what every girl always wanted.

Here are my Top Picks from this beautiful collection!

Hope you enjoyed this Post :)


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Women of Substance

Hello Readers! 
Last September 24, 2014, I attended a spectacular event that's very close to my heart.

Take note. It was no ordinary fashion show;
It's fashion for a CAUSE. 

 The Best Dressed Women of the Philippines (BDWP) Annual Ball is now on its 11th year. 
It's all about raising funds for the benefit of the Philippine Cancer Society. 
This Ball was spearheaded by the stylish BDWP honorary chair Imelda Ongsiako-Cojuanco.

The event was so endearing that I can't help but share it with you. 
Here are some pictures that my friends and I managed to cover.

Before the celebration started, my friends and I had some cocktails at the ballroom foyer. 
We got the chance to appreciate the display of  some of the ball gowns of the past awardees... well as a photo exhibit of the 2014 Awardees,
and one of them being Jennifer Helen Weigel Sarmiento.
I am so proud of you Tita! A big Congratulations! :)

Like any Gala, there are Princesses of the Ball.
Here are my top picks. 
I intentionally got their back photo for added emphasis of their gowns.

Always remember that whether you prefer elegant or simple,
it's all a matter of how you carry yourself with it.

While waiting for the ballroom doors to open,
we found ourselves surrounded by good company of friends.

With my bestfriend Jasmin Sarmiento and her gorgeous mom
who is part of the Best Dressed Women of the Philippines

credits to Jasmin for the photo above 

Now with Kathleen Ann Vargas Jabasa. It's nice to see you again!

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

What makes Cebu my second home 

credits to Jasmin for the photo above 

credits to Jasmin for the photo above 

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

With my friend Hazel Lim- Lee Hok and 2014 BDWP Awardee Pauline Lim
Congratulations Pauline! You look ethereal. 
It was nice bumping into both of you at the event.

Checkout the back of Pauline's gown.
It's so regal.

Now it's time to witness the unveiling of the 2014 notable women of the society.
The program started with some incredible ballet performances. 

The ballet was followed by a fashion show by BDWP Ambassadors for Life and 
an awarding of Men of Exemplary Influence.

In the middle of the program, there was also an auction held. 
It was a prized artistry from one of the best Filipino talents Mr. Ramon Orlina.
Good job to Mr. Johnny Litton for also facilitating the whole event.

Loving how the lights were dimmed just a few minutes before the fashion show.

The moment we have all been waiting for...
Congratulations to the 2014 Best Dressed Women of the Philippines!
I myself would call them Women of Substance.
They are fashion forward yet selfless individuals who are 
living proof that real beauty comes from within.

Continue empowering society and serving as inspiration to make better version of ourselves.

My Favorite Gowns during the Fashion Show are worn by the following:




It was also a night of Serenades while everyone was enjoying dinner.

The Program Finale was the Awarding of the 2014 Best Dressed Women of the Philippines.
Here are some photos of their walk of fame! Congratulations to all Awardees.

Aww, just look at this very sweet gesture! How touching! :)

We are so proud of you Tita Jennifer.
You walked with so much beauty and grace. You totally owned it.

The event was a  big success! Kudos to the Annual Ball Organizers.
 Time for more pictures :)

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

Hi Katsy Lee. You look pretty in that white gown of yours.

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

Truly, it was a dream come true for all the BDWP Awardees. 
Hopefully I'll get an opportunity like this knocking at my door someday :))

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

Love this picture of Tito Edgar and Tita Penny :)
Congratulations again Tita

This is the beginning of beautiful things to come! 

Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this event.
I enjoyed every part of it.

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

credits to Jasmin for the photo above

Looking forward to seeing my best friend Jas and her twin
 to follow the footsteps of their mom.

Stay in love u guys! <3

Lots of Love,