Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Start

Time to bid goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with positive vibes

Forever grateful for the gift of family and friends. 

If there's one highlight that I will forever treasure this 2017, 
it would definitely be my bestfriend's wedding. 
So happy that she has found the kind of love that she truly deserves :)

*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

And yes, the color Red is the best color to welcome another year.
Going a bit sheer for some chic look.

A few more minutes and we begin the first blank page of a 365 day book. 
Let's all make sure to write a good one! Smile :)

Love lots,

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

The Christmas Breeze has come before us. 
Yes, it's cold outside, literally and figuratively, if you know what I mean.

Whether u plan to suit up or go a little bare, 
it's always a good idea to wear bright colors this Holiday Season. 

If you're looking to mix and match your tops and bottoms, an easy fix would
be to choose a neutral shade & then combine it with a pop of color like so.

And if you're game with wearing the hubadera look , 
then follow me and go for some backless details.

Take for instance this look I made. I went for an eyecatching halter top and 
matched it with my neoprene gray skirt with a flared peplum hem.

The aura it gives is a soft yet playful look, perfect for the Yuletide Season.
Have fun bonding with family and friends, and may we all remember
the reason of this season: Jesus :)

Top by Paper Scissors | Skirt by Jewels | Shoes by Stradivarius 


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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Holiday Hues

If you've read my previous post, then you'll know that Red remains to be a staple color this Holiday Season. For those of you who ain't a fan of this bloody color, fret not because I've gathered several holiday hues for you to try on, starting with this Terno in Bronze Metallic color. The warm hue and shimmer exudes timeless sophistication.

And since it's that time of year for parties and get-togethers, 
here are some Holiday Looks that I personally picked from YOINS
a stylish clothing brand established since 2014 for you to take inspiration from.

Long Sleeve Body-Conscious Velvet Dress

For a glamorous look, choose an interesting hue such as green. A velvet dress like so is very empowering. With its hugging fit and mid-length cut, you will surely earn the respect and praise of everyone in the Yuletide party.

Deep V-Neck Hollow Dress

For a sweet and sexy look, go for intricate cuts and details like so. A deep V-neck design and hollow sleeves will certainly catch attention so make sure to give your best smile.

Bodycon Dress with Open Back

For a seductive look, why not sport a glittering frock and a sexy back. This dress is perfect for gals who want to dance the night away. With this semi sheer glitter embellished fabric coupled with your dance moves, you are indeed the life of the party.

One Shoulder Mini Dress 

For a chic & polished look, go for asymmetrical cuts. A one-shoulder style like so highlights your silhouette. With the right pair of accessories and heels, this dress can be worn from day to night.

Crew Neck Stripe Pattern Playsuit

For a Nautical Holiday look, choose eye-catching patterns. These vertical stripes for instance elongates your bodyshape for you to effortlessly flaunt those beautiful gams. Rock this look with heels and while you're at it, don't forget to pop a bottle of wine. Cheers to the Holiday festivities! 

Always remember that your personality should fit what you're wearing. Don't try to be someone you're not because it would definitely show. If you still haven't found the perfect look, here are more style options for Latest sexy dresses for women and Stylish ladies blouse online. Have fun shopping!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Dresses for 2017

What better way to celebrate the holiday cheer than to wear something Red.
  If you're Chinese, then I'm pretty sure this color is already a closet staple.

Red is a vibrant color that adds passion & mystery. This time around I've chosen SHEIN
an online fashion clothing store to feature the must-wear styles this festive season.

Ruched Sleeve Self Tie Bardot Wrap Dress

Keep it effortlessly chic by wearing a wrap dress like so. If you ask me, this is my favorite amongst all the looks I'm sharing in today's post. The dress is just the right amount of sexy and plus points for the sweetheart off-the shoulder cut. More info about the (Wrap Dress)

SHEIN Tiered Bell Sleeve Fitted Lace Dress

If you're looking for a dress to highlight your curves, then a bodycon lace dress like so will satisfy your needs. No need to even accessorize as your dress says it all. More info about the (Lace dress)

SHEIN Bardot Ruffle Sleeve Split Pencil Dress

If you're not fond of ruffles nor lace, then take inspiration from Emilia Clarke's look (Me Before You Movie) and go for something simple yet elegant. I suggest wearing a pencil type dress and flounce sleeves like so for a more polished look. More info about the (Pencil Dress)

SHEIN V Cut Tied Neck Fitted & Flared Dress

This ensemble is perfect for a day to night look. Whether you're to conquer the boardroom or to have a nightout with friends, this dress will bring wonders. All you've got to do is to bring your glam heels and dance the night away. More about the (Flared Dress)

So which style are you wearing for your Christmas Party? Share it with me, I'd love to see it :)

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Monday, November 13, 2017

When Stars Align

Last November 12, 2017,  I attended the 1st Birthday Party of the very cute Brinna. 
Upon entering the venue, I was greeted by Unbelievable Sights and an Indescribable Feeling.

And yes a magic carpet ride for all thy dreamers like you and me

It has always been a pleasure celebrating special moments with this beautiful & growing family.

From belly-dancing to Aladdin & Jasmin's duet of A Whole New World, it was a sight to behold.
I enjoyed every bit of the party! What a feast we had! From Seattle's Best Coffee to the Wine,
to the sumptuous food, I couldn't ask for more.

And like any social gathering, the famous question of "When are you getting married?", 
always keeps up! If you can relate, then the secret there is just giving 
your relatives your sweetest smile and just ride with the topic.
 They are more worried than I am. Lol. 

So much so for how time flies. Anyways, for the Disney themed party, I opted for a
 V-Neck Ribbon-Tie Shoulder Dress to pull off a softer look. 

Floral Dress by Miss M

I paired the dress with a white pair of pointed pumps to create a chic look.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Cliche as it may sound, let's all continue to believe
 in love and perfect timing. As for now, smile and be grateful for all your blessings,
 no matter how big or small.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Texture Theory

As a fashion blogger, I'm not afraid to mix and match various styles to come up with
an interesting ensemble. Just like this outfit, it's all a matter of combining
 the right texture to achieve an eccentric yet stylish look.

Feather Top by Paper Scissors | Dress by Apartment8 | Belt from Rockwell

For this look, I played with feathers and some sheer fabric to
 create a peg that is unique and fresh for the fashion world.
 I paired it with a gold belt for a more polished look.

Do remember that every piece of clothing is like a work of art.
 You have to be one with the fit, fabric and style to make your look spell Y-O-U.

It may take some time to figure out which style best suits you; 
 Just have fun in the process. Take cue from my twin and I pairing our
 ensembles with various footwear. A little twinning here and there wouldn't hurt :) 

Stay Fashionable!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

I've been busy lately, but whenever I've got the time, I actually enjoy reading Thought Catalog.
An article I read recently entitled 'In a World Trying To Make You Heartless, Be Kind', written by Rania Naim caught my attention.

One very inspiring message that she shared , to which I quote:
"In a world telling you that you can't have it all, dare to dream, dare to believe"

Yes, it may sound simple or rather cliche to some, but to me (and hopefully for you as well), it may serve as a reminder to always strive to create the best version of thy self. As they say, don't compare yourself to others; only compare yourself to yesterday :)

And of course, no matter how hard or hectic life may get, always dressup and look your best. Trust me, it will make your day a little bit better! Since the weekend is finally here, sharing with you two looks I created just because I received a quick challenge (Style A Print On Print Look, why not).

I'd like to end this post in the words of Rania, "In a world trying to change your heart, learn how to fight for it....because when this world ends, you won't remember the days you were cruel or heartless... you'll remember the times you fell in love, the memories that made you smile, and the people who were there for you."

So enjoy the weekend with people that matter. Cheers :)


Friday, October 6, 2017


One can always look extra stylish in athletic wear. 
Who says it has to be just leggings and yoga pants all the time? 

Well, I'm no athlete (and in fact will never be one!), 
but if I'm to dress a sports muse, this would be my style peg.

I would invest in pieces that are versatile just like this double slit dress. 
An ensemble like so allows me to move easily, not to mention, adds a playful vibe.

Since the dress is in a neutral shade, 
I suggest copping the look with bright prints. 
Accessorize by adding a pop of color thru a scarf or a purse. 
Get ready for your athleisure look to standout. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
'Til the next one.

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