Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lazy Days Be Like

We all have those days wherein we feel so lazy to dressup, 
yet still want to look our best. How ironic but I am guilty as charged!

For days like these, my simple advice would be to wear a printed dress.
The brighter the colors, the more it can lighten up your mood.
Abstract prints or florals instantly add sophistication to your look.

Make sure to finish your ensemble with heels that
 somehow scream "walk with me".

It not only adds height to my petite frame but gives me more than
enough confidence to face the day. 

Dress from @alisonbelph

How about you? What's your secret to looking effortlessly chic?

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Camp Rock

How time flies. I can't imagine we've now reached half of 2017.
To some students out there, it would mean school in a few days. 
To others, it would mean wedding bells.
To me, another day to create a better version of myself, and perhaps make things right.

Anyways, before that goes somewhere else, here's a simple look I created for campus girls out there. 
(sans the falsies, just added that for drama & bigger eyes. Mascara would be your best bet for a more natural look) 

If you're still studying, then style and comfort are definitely on your priority list. 
Not to mention, selfies and OOTDs are such a big thing especially for millenials.

So my style recommendation would be:

a velvet top (for a touch of glam)
jeans (time to bring back high-waist)
white sneakers (or your favorite pair of kicks)
your choice of accessories (cap/choker, or both)

I may have graduated college for several years now ; 
yet I get to dress up freely----Oh, I'm so blessed to not look my age :)


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bae Watch

Hot summer days are ending soon.
So whether you're the type to flaunt your well toned body (in my case not because I don't exercise),
here's an outfit idea to let your skin breathe.

Time to hoard your closet and turn your swimsuits to bodysuits.

A pop of color on your bodysuit can easily perk up your look,
even when simply paired with just a jeans and rubber shoes combo.

If your bodysuit displays playful texts or interesting prints, then that's a bonus.
All you've got to do is wear it like you mean it.

So whether you've found bae or not,
keep the faith. One day things will fall into place :)

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fresh in White

Last March 2017, Plains and Prints showcased their White Series Collection.
With the launch of the collection came a month long contest entitled Style Wars.
Being the stylist in me, I was definitely up for the challenge and sported an all white ensemble.

Here's a snapshot of the 3 looks I created, with just one 'outfit'

The key pieces to achieve any of these looks would be:
Plains & Prints Isaiah Top + Plains & Prints Pristine Skirt


Whether you're a sports enthusiast, muse or just looking for something chic and comfortable to wear,
this feminine take on laidback dressing can be your style of choice.

All you've got to do is pair this ensemble with your trusty pair of sneakers or rubber shoes.
Why not tie your hair and accessorize with a cap and your favorite sunnies to battle the summer days.


This look is for the free-spirited gals. Unleash your creative side by wearing the ensemble with
the right balance of sweet and sultry. If the top you got is a little loose (which I bought intentionally),
then follow me and wear it as a one sided off-shoulder top.

I suggest going for white wedges to polish the look. I find this photo pretty interesting because
the caption I used when I posted this in my IG account was "Jane in search of Tarzan"


Confidence will always be a driving factor to create an elegant look, worthy of hundreds of gazes.

Bring out your finest stilettos and add an eyecatching piece (preferably one with
a different texture) such as fur to accentuate your look. Go ahead and add pearls if you must.

Girls, it's time to rule the world. Always remember to dress to please yourself.
After all, life is your own runway so work it.
Someday, all our so called dreams will come true. Just believe :)

Though my entry didn't win, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.
After all, win or lose, I'm proud to share with you these looks.

I'd like to congratulate these 3 lucky girls and their corresponding entries:

Always strive for perfection bellas! Continue to be an inspiration to many.
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fashion Inspiration for 2017

I've been hearing wedding bells ringing here and there so I figured
why not share with you some fashion inspiration which I got from

Lace Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If you're the romantic type, then lace is definitely your gown of choice.
This look is a charming balance of sweet and sultry.

To get this look, check it out here

2017 Pink Cloud Wedding Dress

Are you one of those free-spirit, creative girls who would dare defy norms?
If your answer is yes, then make your dreams a reality.
Sport the modern fairytale look with this offshoulder floral ensemble.
I'd probably wear this in my prenuptial photo, that's if I get married (lol)

To get this look, check it out here

Royal Blue Cocktail Dress

If weddings no longer interest you, then why not make a grand homecoming
with a cocktail dress like so. It's time to level up by wearing an A-line silhouette with
an eyecatching V-neck that will make heads turn.
Pair it with stilettos and be ready to steal the spotlight.

To get this look, check it out here

Deep V-neck Vintage Dress

Have an evening gala to attend? Go for something sheer yet classy. 
Perhaps a vintage look like so can give you a night full of compliments.

To get this look, check it out here

Red Cocktail Dress

Whether you're planning for junior prom or senior ball,
going for a sweetheart look is always your best bet.
Look every bit of a princess by wearing a satin fabric.
Own the night with the color red.

To get this look, check it out here

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

5 ways to update your look in 2017

Reinventing your look may not sound as easy as revamping your wardrobe. Unlike with changing your wardrobe, nobody will tell you that it is time to upgrade your appearance. There are no telltale signs that you need to change your look unless you look into the mirror and suddenly felt like you look old or way past your prime. However, there are still things you can do to improve your appearance with a little investment of time and effort.

In case you felt the need to update yourself, here are 5 surefire ways that will bring you an instant bloom and help you improve your overall appearance in no time.

  1. Get a new haircut. Before heading to the salon, spend some time figuring out what kind of hairstyle looks best on you. The right haircut depends on the shape of a person’s face. For example, cuts that fall just below the chin looks good for round face while long bobs are perfect for women with diamond-shaped face. For men, the cool hairstyles for 2017 lean towards undercut mohawk, quiff, and faux hawk.

  1. Fix your smile with teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. Oral healthcare routine is as important as your skin care regimen. Feel confident to flash those pearly whites with the help of a cosmetic dentist.  But remember that it does not end there. You should also take care of your gums, lips, and the skin around your mouth. Why not give yourself some Beverly Hills treatment and visit to know more about Glosman Dental Beauty treatments.

  1. Change your makeup. You can also use makeup to change your look. If you always choose neutrals and tans, switch things up by adding a pop of color on your makeup. Go for shimmery eyeshadows if you want to stay on the safe side. Or use neon liners instead of the usual black liner.

  1. Give your wardrobe a complete overhaul. When is it time to change your clothing style? If you are still using clothes that are worn out or simply those that you don’t love, this might be the time to hunt for new fashion pieces. Apparently, you have to consider your lifestyle before investing in new clothes. If you are the sneakers and shorts kind of gal, a pair of heels may not be the best thing to buy right now.

  1. Groom and shape your brows. Brows are among the first things that people notice about you. Similar to getting a haircut, your brow shape will also depend on the shape of your face. There are different ways of shaping your brows and if you’re unsure how to do it yourself, go to the salon for eyebrow shaping service.

When thinking of changing your looks for long-term, it’s best to consider a holistic approach. For example, if you want to lose some weight and do not want to undergo surgery, that means you have to exert effort working out and changing your diet. Whatever method you have in mind, remember to keep your health a top priority. 'Health is wealth', as people say. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and keeping yourself hydrated will also improve your appearance.

I'm far from perfect but I'm definitely working hard to become a better version of myself. In fact, these tips are not only for you but also for me to have as a constant reminder to love thy self.


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