Saturday, March 24, 2018

Weekend Getaway

Last March 16, we left our hectic schedules for a quick escapade to Iloilo. It's always good vibes being here because of our huge family clan, not to mention our super cool and fun-loving cousins.    

Grateful to this bunch for taking us around Iloilo. Since there was no traffic at all, unlike Manila, we were able to quickly satisfy our seafood cravings at Siete Picados, Dumangas.

Talk about seafood.....and baked oysters will always come into mind. These babies are so addictive. Imagine 8 pieces for only Php120. We had 3 plates of these yummy mouthwatering goodness.

It's been awhile since I was able to breathe fresh air. Manila is incredibly polluted and toxic. For a few days, I get to say hello peace and quiet.

Twinning with dearest sister! Vibrant summer dresses and sunnies are always a must wear for summer. Floral prints are always a best bet.

Before the seafood craze, we had these as "appetizers", courtesy of 13th Street Espresso. Oh, our family definitely loves to eat.

When in Iloilo, don't forget to eat La Paz Batchoy, as it is a delicacy and a signature dish. So much to eat! My tummy is definitely happy.

And of course, the reason for this joyous season is our beautiful cousin Thal marrying the love of her life. Seal it with a kiss <3

Just look at how Mark looks at her. Definitely a match made in heaven. Weddings always make me tearup. Someday I hope to walk down the aisle with the man God has destined me for. Keep the faith.

The wedding reception was held at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel. It is located in President Roxas, Iloilo City. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Du! We hope to see little ones soon and make our family even bigger.

Here are some snippets of the hotel. Couldn't be any prouder as my uncle Arch. Hilario Ng is one of the key people behind this masterpiece. He was recently recognized and awarded as an ASEAN Architect. A big congratulations uncle Larry.

The Presidential Suite
The Infinity Pool

The Empire Lounge

KTV rooms 

It was indeed an enjoyable escapade. Though short and quick, still thankful for having some time off to rest and relax. It's been fun Iloilo! I will miss you guys. 'til the next one.

*photo from Tiff


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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Island Girl

Nah, I'm no island girl nor do I have the body to be one. Lol. Just a city girl sporting an urban inspired weekend look. Time to bring out those bell sleeves and a side slit maxi skirt for that laidback twist.

A summer ready look will always involve florals. Choose one in a crop top or an offshoulder style like so. To keep you looking fresh all day, go for vibrant colors or pastel hues to match your skintone. 

Whether you're a beach babe looking to dressup a bikini or a trendsetter sporting a chic ensemble, your side slit maxi skirts are a great investment as they are both fun and flirty. Don't be afraid to mix and match. After all, this is the time of year that you ought to look young and carefree.

Time to Chill with some Matcha goodness! Twin and I enjoying our Tsujiri Floats to beat the summer heat. Definitely a must try.


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