Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Ever After

Every Girl's dream is to meet his Prince Charming.
Admit it or not, we have always dreamed of having a prince sweep us off our feet =)

I for one love Fairytales.
Those stories of Prince and Princesses meeting their Happy Ever After have always made me wish upon a falling star :)

So this is how I dressed up for a particular Event. Can you guess where I went?

Wallis Simpson Dress by Plains and Prints
Headpiece from Cebu

This Brand has a wide variety of collections from Casual to Formal. Just love it!
This Dress is already a year old but look how beautiful it still is. I particularly love the intricate Gold details on the sleeves.
 It shouts Royalty.
(Certainly made me play the part of a Princess!)
Checkout their various collection at

Off I went to the Big Dome where Disney Princesses and Heroes come to Life! I know, I know...I've already watched numerous Disney On Ice Performers skate gracefully when I was little, but today, it was different. Something better! Something magical as the show did not only focus on one Disney Princess but on 8 of them (Imagine that!) with their respective Heroes. Thus, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

So for those who haven't seen it, you don't know what you're missing :)

Tickets are available via TicketNet Online (

Celebrate the Holiday Season with a Blast :)

Now, it's time for me to show some photos that I took. Believe it or not, I was able to get 600 photos for this show alone. For one, I was scared that I might not be able to perfectly capture the show as it's expected that there's a lot of character movement so I just kept on clicking. Another reason was simply, I wanted to keep it for remembrance :)
Here's 10% of the photos I took! Hope you enjoy my dear Readers.
The show started when Tinker Bell appeared to inspire audience of all ages that A Dream Is A Wish Your

Heart Makes

Mickey and Minnie waves to the crowd as they make the opening remarks for the show

The 1st Love story was that of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Genie asking Aladdin to make 3 wishes. Of course his wish to meet the lovely Princess was GRANTED.

Their love story never fails to make me fall in love. 
I just can't help but sing along with them as they sing A Whole New World.

Their story is certainly a Classic :)

Enter Snow White and his Prince for the 2nd Act

Of course, her story wouldn't be complete without her 7 Naughty yet Adorable Dwarfs 
(As usual, Dopey has his 'own world')

How the Prince shows his sincere love for the Beautiful Snow White

Aww, this is simply magical.

Here comes Belle for the 3rd Act

With Lumiere! Just awesome Production here!

For the 4th act, see how Prince Eric enters the scene to get the crowd's attention

Sisters of the Beautiful Mermaid Ariel

With Sebastian!

Princess Ariel and Flounder

King Triton

Ariel fighting with his father to explore the World on her own...

Then comes Mickey, Minnie and Goofy to hype the guests by randomly choosing some kids 
from the Audience to participate in the performance. They are indeed Lucky :)

Now the kids are aboard :)

Ariel together with the entire Little Mermaid cast performing Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl and Part of your World

Just look at the audience :)

Ariel being tricked by Ursula...her voice in exchange for human feet

Prince Eric and Ariel's romance. One of my faves too.

5th Act was with Princess Tiana (From The Princess and The Frog)

Look at them sway

Tinks Back! She introduces.....

The 6th Act. The story of Princess Aurora

Princess Beauty in need of her Prince to save her

I was definitely not expecting this but wow! 
The evil Fairy Maleficent transformed to this 3.5 meter tall fire breathing dragon. 
Prince Philip slaying the Dragon in the name of Love!

How Love can do wonders, don't you just agree :)

Prince Philip and Princess Aurora as they make their dance

So here comes Tink again! Can you guess who that famous princess hasn't come out yet?

Here's a clue: The Ball.

The 7th Princess. The Lovely Cinderella with her Grand Carriage!
Oh how I'd love to have this in my Wedding as a prop or photo op (Someday!) :)

Just Captivating!

And the Final Princess to make the crowd fall in love is none other than Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

They enchanted everyone by singing When at Last I See the Light, the soundtrack of Tangled. Such an ethereal voice!

The Final act of course ended with all 8 prince and princesses making their Final Dance

I honestly didn't want it to end!!!

I could watch them all night!

Tink making her last Hoorah!

After the show, I secretly took some pictures of some couples who were inspired by the show. Hopefully they won't kill me for it.
Just felt really happy for the big impact it has made on all of us.
(I couldn't enact this with my brother, he will kill me before I even ask!) harhar.

Some souvenirs.....

We might not be a Princess by Birth or by Blood but one thing that we all should remember is that we are all Princesses by Heart. All we have to do is unleash this by loving the World and making even the smallest acts of kindness.

As for me, I confess that I have not yet met my Prince Charming. Who knows he might just be around the corner. All we have to do is believe that there's a reason for everything and someday things will fall into place. 

Hopefully, in time, I'll have my happy ever after :) 
Chase after your dreams no matter how BIG. 
Just keep believing.
After all, all of us deserve our Happy Ever After.

I will end this with an article I read from a magazine,
"A real Prince appreciates the challenge of getting to know a woman for who she is rather than who she thinks she should be" 

Kudos to the writer of this article who made this statement :)