Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Version of Me

Happy Easter everyone! :)

My closet is starting to get outnumbered with so many dresses. 
So for a change, some casual outfit for this post!

First instinct for a summer as hot as this is to not wear black.
 However, if you still opt to wear black like me and still remain chic and casual, 
my suggestion is for you to complement black with 
dainty and skin-tone colors such as purple and beige. 

Pair it with some beaded necklace and you're good to go :)

Top from Motley Crew
Pants by Colours

I'll leave you with this....

Often times, we do get compared with other people. 
I'm starting to learn that instead of comparing myself to others, 
I should start making better versions of myself. 

It's a tough challenge but this is how we ought to live. 
As we grow, we should inspire everyone around us 

Cheers! :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wardrobe Change

Ola! I decided to revamp my site and voila!!! 

From this

It became this!

So how do you like my blog's new look?

Well, if you love it, as early as now, I would confess I didn't design it!

It's designed by one of my closest friends Jasmin Sarmiento.

Isn't she pretty?!! One of my fave pics of her. This girl I must say is extremely talented (Not to mention, she too has a big heart)! Truth is I don't know where she's not good at! :))

Anyways, if any of you happens to be in need of someone who's good in making logos or websites, I would recommend that you consider her! She didn't ask me to do this but I believe in her talent so I believe it's time for her to be in the spotlight.

Here are some of her mock sample designs (I hope she doesn't kill me for sharing)!

These are just some samples from her portfolio! She's into photography and design so if you happen to need her help, just send her an email at or you can inform me :)

Good night dear readers! Stay tuned for my next post :)


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Leopard

I've been MIA this past few weeks because of my hectic schedule. 
Now that I've returned, I'm starting it with one of my favorite dresses.

I got this stunning black dress from ROMWE. 
Don't you just love the leopard embellishments on my scoop-neck sleeveless dress?!!
It gives me that RAWR-factor (lol)

I wore this today at Rockwell and I did garner some fans :))

Wearing mullet dresses like this just gives off a certain sexiness of a mini skirt 
and the comfort of a maxi dress. Just add some heels when you're petite like me.

Just look at how the asymmetric hem can create a slim-fit finish! Just perfect!

Dress by ROMWE
Shades by SPLATT MNL
Watch by TOMATO
Heels by MELISSA

If you love my dress, here's where you can get it from 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did :)


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Double Vision

Double Vision = Double Trouble!
For some of my readers who may not know...Guess what I have an identical twin! :)
Back in school, people would go crazy when they see us together.
I was even able to pretend as her without the teacher even noticing (Hahaha, those days!)

Anyways, before I share with you the brands I'm wearing, as well as some our solo shots, 
I will first explain why my sister and I have so many pictures together. 
(Btw, she's also a blogger like me. See how identical we are!)

So last February, I joined a contest hosted by Sheena Loves Sunsets x Fly Shades.
I was very lucky to be part of the five winners who got 2 pairs of shades for free.
I simply answered why I deserved to win a pair of shades for me and my special someone. 
In this case, my TWIN! 

Since it's Love month back then, here's my answer. I'm glad it stood out.

For most people, Valentine's Day is a special day for lovebirds. For others, it serves as another reminder of them being "single". As for me, it's another day to fall in love. Don't get me wrong though, I am not in a hurry to fall in love as only time could tell. It's more of falling in love with the world at large --- spending more time in appreciating people as well as nature in its truest form. If I do get the chance to win these shades, I would definitely share this with my better half--- my twin, of course  She's my partner-in-crime and has been with me thru good and bad times. We are like cupid who can inspire change even in our most simple ways. We don't judge the world, but always try to see the world in a different lens --- a world where love can inspire goodness in everyone 

Some quick info about the 2 sponsors :)

* Sheena Loves Sunsets *

Aren't these drawings adorable? These are all illustrated by Sheena Sy-Gonzales. 
What I love about her work is that there's so much life in her drawings. 
What even makes it far better is that she shares her faith and passion through art. 

* FLY Shades *

FLY Shades specializes in fashionable eyewear that's suitable for any face shape. 
It has so many designs and color to choose from which gives you a lot of flexibility in the field of fashion.
I personally love FLY Shades because it can easily transform my looks in an instant.
Talk about fashion and functionality :)

I personally own a couple pairs of FLY shades so I'm a fan.
Here's what i got! The shades and even the case is just awesome!!!

So now to our solo shots! :) 
I'll start with my sister. 

I asked her to wear this particular pair because her attire is more casual
 so some feminine shades are the best fit for her look. 
The shades is unique for its floral designed temple arm.

The shades accentuates well with her face shape.
Looking fab my dear sistah!

It's my turn! :)
The look I wanted to achieve was Glamour and High Fashion,
thus all the gold shimmers.

The pair of shades I'm wearing is so chic and sophisticated. 
The shape, as well as the lenses, remind me of Hollywood.

Now to our Double Vision Shots!

How I hope one day my sister and I can be part of FLY Shades brand ambassadors/ bloggers. 
(I know, I know! There's nothing wrong in wishing upon a star)

Having a twin is one of the best blessings I could ever ask. 
Though we get compared a lot of times and sometimes even fight with each other,
 I guess our individuality and bond defines who we are today and 
what we are capable of achieving in the future. 

As promised, here's what I'm wearing.
(My sister will blog about her outfit so I will focus on mine)

Dress by Plains and Prints
Belt by Muffin
Heels by Chelsea
Bag by ROMWE
Shades by FLY

I hope you enjoyed the post! :)
Just remember that one simple way for you to look fab
is to smile a lot! And of course keep yourself shaded
SHADES Up and Down people! 

For more details:

Plains and Prints:
Checkout my sister's blog at

If you wanna check another look of mine wearing FLY Shades,


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chill Saturdays

Quick Post before I leave :)

Who doesn't love weekends right?!! 
It's the perfect time to treat yourself to a well deserved rest!
That means time for some shopping and movies.

I wanted to be as comfortable since I'm going shopping so I wore some chill clothes. 
Nothing dressy this time but of course still presentable :)

Top by Max&Co., Italy
Leggings by H&M 
Flats by MNJ
Necklace from Aldo
Shades from Cebu

Just remember that loving thy self is important.
As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, whatever makes you happy, I'd say just go for it!

Time to watch Jack, the Giant Slayer! I'm so excited! Toodles :)