Monday, June 10, 2019

Fancy Meeting You

It's been a while since i wrote about food so I figured what's the point of dressing up if you can't go out looking good? If you know me well, I would always choose dining in a quality restaurant over bars and booze any time of day.  I'd prefer to end the night subtly with either coffee, wine or an irresistible dessert. For fancier nights, I'd choose a dress in a deep shade of orange or red like so. 

Just recently, I got the privilege to dine (for the first time) in Kazunori. To my surprise, it is a top notch modern Japanese Restaurant that has been operating for quite a while. Quality of Food and Service is very commendable. 

The restaurant prides itself by importing quality seafood straight from Japan on a daily basis. It also deviates from being a traditional Japanese restaurant by offering modern twists to classic favorites.  

So here's the dishes that filled my hungry tummy

Salmon Sashimi (very good quality!)

Unagi Sushi (proportion of the eel is so much bigger than the rice! Yum)

Ikura Sushi (salmon eggs) , Chutoro Sushi (semi-fatty tuna), and
 Imported Ika Sushi (has a firmer texture compared to local variety)

Gyutan (grilled beef tongue) which is a must try! Comes with two varieties of chili sauces

Buta Kushi Miso

Kazunori’s very own twist to Soba Noodles.  
You basically dip the soba noodles in a sweet and spicy broth filled with 
thinly sliced and marbled Japanese beef 
(similar to the Korean beef stew Galbi Jjim).  I like the twist!

And since I'm a “rice person”, an order of Katsudon!

Thank you so much for the exquisite dinner experience Kazunori! How I wish I had the appetite to order more. Kidding aside, this was dinner for two people who enjoy good food with great appetite. There are more modern dishes to try like Uni Cream Spaghettini, Mentaiko Pizza, Beef Curry among others which I'll be back for next time .  Looking forward to sharing with you another dining experience. (bps)

2301 Chino Roces Ave. Extension, G/F Mazda Makati Building, Makati


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Corporate Chic

Lately, people have been sharing their first impression about me. They say I am very intimidating. Well I guess it's true that you can't judge a book by its cover. At times, I may be dressed to the nines or I may have that aura of being unapproachable, but trust me, I'm the exact opposite. So I decided to incorporate a look that will demand respect in the workplace, yet still make you look extra stylish. As for the intimidating look, it is up to you whether you still want to play the part.

I'd say Geometric Patterns and Prints combined with a cool-toned colored dress would do the trick. Spice up your look with a belt or wear it as-is; all depends with your personality. For that extra oomph, I chose dangling pearls earring for a fresh vibe.

Can you imagine a few more weeks and we have officially reached half of 2019. Damn, that was intensely fast. Looking at the brightside, we still have 6 more months to make the most out of 2019. Le's all try to treat every challenge as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. I know it's hard but with the right support system, we will get through it together. 


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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cool for the Summer

Neons and bright colored prints are making a fashion comeback. Now that it's summer, it's time to bring out those maxi dresses and rompers as your style staple.

If you're a petite girl like me who loves dressing up, then a striking pair of pumps would definitely be part of your wardrobe. It is simply the fastest way to elongate your legs and add that oomph of confidence.

Of course, for long hours of walking, a good pair of sneakers or flats should come in handy. Only wear footwear that you can manage to walk in; the pain is not worth it. For this look, I'm wearing Jessica Simpson from the Pop Art Tribal Collection. Thanks Simon for this stylish ootd. The Poison Green color is perfect to cool things down.

The romper I'm wearing actually comes with a brown tassle belt, but since I wanted a more posh look, this black belt would do the trick. It matches my bag. Talk about coords. Remember contrast is key. I went a little extra and finished my look with hoop earrings. I strongly feel that this too will make a comeback. Enjoy your summer and remember to stay hydrated :)


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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Little Things

Our finite lives are just borrowed and bestowed on us. Often times, there's so much going on that we forget to pause and appreciate the things and people that truly matter. Who would have thought that something as basic and abundant as water can just ran out. Similarly, life is so uncertain that we can lose someone without having the chance to say goodbye.  More than just a regular fashion post, I'm writing this as a reminder for all of us (including myself) to live a life of purpose and thanksgiving. Blessings are everywhere. We just need to find positivity in all things.  

In fact, our very own Miss Universe Catriona Gray is testament that the journey to greatness is never easy. She may have come a long way to win the crown but it sure is worth it. On her IG feed last March 19, 2019, she posted: "I realized that night that those doors that closed on me in the years prior were not denying me but redirecting to something even better than I could have ever dreamed of. Sometimes the Universe has bigger things in store for you, you just need to stay true to yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you, put the work in and have faith." These are indeed inspiring and uplifting words from the Queen of the Universe.

So whether you're having a challenging day or week, know that it's only temporary, you'll have better days ahead. Wow, seems like I've done a prelude for Holy Week. LOL. Now let's go back to my OOTD.  Summer is the best time to experiment with different looks. My outfit is actually composed of two garments combined, creating a chic and polished ensemble. The trick is to just find a tube dress in your closet (even formal ones are okay) and combine it with another stylish top. In my case, an offshoulder plaid top is my choice to look more flattering.

After which, decide on your footwear and accessory depending on the occasion you're dressing up for. More often that not, I create my looks depending on my mood. Go extra by curling your hair and wearing heels. It does wonders especially when you need that boost of confidence.

Hoping that you learned a thing or two. Truly grateful for the continuous support. Wising everyone a good day ahead. Remember, we are blessed in more ways than we can think of :) 


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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Summer 2019 Must Haves

And just like that, it's Summer Time again. You've probably read hundreds of fashion articles so I won't bore you with another OOTD for today's post. Instead I figured sharing with you some summer essentials for 2019:

Expect to sweat in this scorching heat. Stay fresh all day with just a spritz of your favorite scent. In my case, the perfume I use all depends on my mood. For this look, I'm using ICON Perfume by Fragrance Box PH .

Summer is the best time to exercise the 3 B's : Big, Bright and Bold. If you're not a fan of wearing accessories, then your bag can be your style muse. These Aurora handle wraps by Oh My Bag PH  can actually double as a bag scarf. Such a perfect match for my chic bag.

For your upcoming beach trips and escapades, I encourage you to use bags that are not only trendy but eco-friendly. Avoid using plastic at all cost; not to mention, it is tacky. Invest in something you can use multiple times. I'm currently using this Gingham Print Bayong by Bayong Manila which for me is the perfect bag size to carry my towels, wide brim hat and summer essentials.

With our very busy lifestyle, our bags also need the best care possible. I'm glad that I found comfort with Oh My Bag PH . They have various bag care products that you can checkout, from bag shapers for your Louis Vuittons to raincoat bags for your Longchamps to their fun-loving bag organizers. Take for instance their Gingham Indigo Backpack cover to which I used  to protect my bag from getting wet while I take a quick swim. 

Being a girl, I am guilty of bringing more than I need. I am not a light traveler and I doubt I will ever be one. That is why I make it a point to use bag organizers for my vanity products. Plus points for this very cute 'Owly Winky' design.

Happy Packing dear readers! Enjoy your summer vacation :)


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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Look of Love

Love fills the air once again now that it's February. No matter what your relationship status may be, always find ways to do you; more often than not, happiness does not always equate to a significant other (but of course, it would be great to have someone!) What's important is to celebrate the love month with a smile. After all, it's all about appreciating people who matter, the ones that add meaning and inspire you to be your best self.

For those of you who are blessed to have a date this Valentines, my look recommendation for 2019 would be wearing Silk in the shade of gold or silver. It's very classy and highlights your body's silhouette.

Dress by Petit Monde

If you still want to go for the default look of wearing a black or red dress for your date night, then standout by choosing a dress with the right cut and style. 

Happy Hearts days Everyone. Life ain't easy but I'm a firm believer that someday, it will all be worth it. We just have to trust the timing of everything. 

Do remember that everyday can be Valentines Day. Make it a point to always look good because you'll never know who you'll meet or what business opportunity you can get. Trust me, it will instantly bring out the confidence in you. Here are more Women Dresses that you can take inspiration from. Stay beautiful bellas!


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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Beautiful In White

Congratulations to Mariliese and Lester for starting a new chapter of their lives. What a revelation to know that for Lester, it was more than just love at first sight. The moment he laid eyes on Mariliese, he described it as automatically becoming "low-batt". Damn, what love can do to a person.

It's true that one of the biggest decision in your life would be choosing who to marry. No man nor woman is perfect, but as a couple, one can make perfect memories together. So happy and excited for them :)

The Ceremony was held in Mary The Queen. Reception followed at Fairmont Makati Hotel. We had so much fun. Food was sumptuous and company was even better.

For this wedding, the peg I went for was simple yet ethereal. This powder blue dress with a lowcut style is my take on modern revival of grecian dresses. To finish the look, I went with eyecatching accessories and nude shoes.

Still hoping and praying for the guy that my heart would say yes to. 
In God's perfect timing, I know it would all be worth the wait.


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