Sunday, July 28, 2013


Black and White. Neither shade goes out of style.
A timeless look that would look good with anyone.
For this look of mine, I wanted to create a bold graphic statement.
I wore a jumpsuit that is printed with stripes from head-to-toe.

Fashion Tip #1 : Wear VERTICAL stripes to elongate your body.
They are perfect for petite frames.

Fashion Tip #2 : Add an accent hue.
My recommendation is to go for RED.
Perhaps a red hair accessory, red pumps or a sultry red lipstick would do the trick.
Fashion Tip #3 : Walk with confidence and put on your best smile.
Make that first impression last.
Jumpsuit by New Moon
Belt by Muffin
Pumps by MNJ
Hope you like my post for tonight.
And oh before I forget, I would like you to meet my cat.
Isn't he cute? He reminds me so much of Puss in Boots
especially when he is sitting down and looking at me.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Forever Young

Here's to never Growing Up!

One fine Sunday afternoon, my friend Sean and I decided to go to the park to catch-up.
By catch-up here I mean doing what we love the most:
Sean taking pictures and I being the subject of it, aka fashion blogger.

Ever since I was young, I've always aspired to become a model.
It's a big dream especially since I don't possess that ideal model-figure,
but fortunately it never did discourage me from trying.

I'm already 24 but I look like I just graduated from high school!
Random people would even ask me how I manage to stay and look young.
What's my secret?


First "S" stands for STYLE 
Style is all about individuality.
One day you can be chic, the next you can be edgy.
As long as you can pull it off and it's age-appropriate, then you go girl!

I recommend wearing neons & bright colors to keep you blooming & upbeat.
Believe it or not, what u wear has an instant effect on your mood.

I personally love my orange aztec top from SOIGNE Clothing.
The color is very lively and the fabric is so comfortable.
Definitely making a fashion statement with this top!
Pair it with tie-dyed shorts to add that extra oomph.

Orange Aztec Top from Soigne Clothing
Shorts from Hydraulic
Shades from Eye Channel
Hat from Desigual Singapore

"O" stands for OUTLOOK
I'm actually not hard to please.
I can smile easily and appreciate even the simplest things.

I guess it's all about finding beauty in everything.
I try to be optimistic and believe that there's a reason for everything.
I may not know of what is for later, but what I do know is it will all be worth it.

What's important is to enjoy and be like kids once in awhile.
As they say, stay young by being young.

The last "S" stands for SMILE
Smiling is indeed one of the best assets a girl could possess.
Trust me, guys can actually go GAGA about a girl's smile.

You might notice that none of my tips to looking young require much effort.
Truth is, things should come by naturally. 

You don't have to force yourself. All you need to do is adapt slowly.

Find yourself and know what makes you happy.

So every time you are stressed out, always remember S.O.S 
It can actually save your day.

Hopefully you're able to pick up several tips in staying young :)

Special thanks to my Photographer Sean Co. 
He definitely has a knack for Photography. Do contact him if you are in need of his skills.
Here's his number 0917-847-6988 and his email
He will kill me for this but this man definitely has talent :)

 Post-processing by yours truly.


Sunday, July 7, 2013


Today is pretty special because it is the anniversary of my blog.
Oh how time flies. I can't believe that I've been blogging for a year already.

So far, I'm happy.
Happy because I took a step forward in achieving my dreams...
And because I have inspired people to do the same...
What I'm wearing is actually very timely.
It's SHOWTIME as my top would say.
This could only mean one thing...
A better blog and a better me!
promise :)
 My look for today is edgy with a touch of punk.
What do you think?

Top from Sisley
Shorts from Bershka
Earrings from Dorothy Perkins
I just love the fringes of my top.
Tassels are certainly making a come-back.
And yes, this is my way of bringing sexy back :))

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Black & White

What I'm wearing is a gift from one of my closest friends.
I wore it to Imperial Ice Bar when my friends visited Manila.
Since this dress is too short to wear in the office,
I decided to pair it with leggings :)
Tip: What you wear for a night-out can actually be worn at work
 with the right accessories and get-up. Be creative!

Judging from the title of this post, expect photos of this sort.
Fret not, there is meaning behind it.
Have you ever found yourself blinded? Not by love (if that's what you're thinking, silly)
Literally. As in Blind. Well I have, for a few seconds. My, it scared me and made me tear up.

For a second there, I thought it would be permanent. 
Not being able to see the beauty of life...
Not being able to see the people I talk to and care for everyday...
Not finding a reason to smile...
Call me melodramatic, but I just realized right there and then that I am blessed.
Blessed to see the world and what's in store for me. 
Black & White may be a color but wouldn't it be better to see things in a different light?
I do hope you got some inspiration from this post :)
I'll leave you with this line that I got from a song 
Stand back and you'll see much better