Sunday, June 22, 2014

An Afternoon Tea with Anne Curtis

For those of you who have been following my blog, 
you would have noticed by now that
Plains and Prints is a brand that I love and trust.
They offer versatile and classy pieces, simply a perfect fit to my personality.

So when Plains and Prints sent me an exclusive invite 
to their Pre-Fall collection showcase, I immediately said "Yes!".

Last June 19, 2014, the Pre-Fall collection was unveiled at a Tea Party at the 
new Plains and Prints store located on the 5th level of Shangrila Plaza Mall, 
graced by the Plains and Prints woman herself --- the lovely Anne Curtis.

It is of great honor to be part of this event and believe me,
their new collections are incredibly fabulous!

Flattering silhouettes, vivid colors and out-of-the box prints.
Class and sophistication meet bold and fun details.
This is what we can expect from the Pre-Fall Collection.
Scroll down and see for yourself :)

As a fashion lover and stylist, I highly recommend this brand to every
modern and sophisticated Filipina out there.  

Don't you just love how the set-up was made? 
From the furniture to the carefully chosen color combination,
 to the floral designs and delightful snacks, 
It was so surreal. Just perfect for an afternoon tea celebration.

Our beautiful and friendly host

And here comes the ever so gorgeous Anne Curtis!
During her interview, Anne describes herself as "Fun, Free and Fearless"

With over 6.5 million followers on Twitter and 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 
who doesn't admire her?  In everything she does on and off-cam, she remains to be
a style icon as she puts the word FUN in every outfit she puts together. 

On her Style Personality:

"I consider myself a girly-girl, so I love dressing up for my OoTD posts.
It's really so much fun. I just love dressing up and I pour time and effort
to take photos of what I would be wearing for the day because it mostly
expresses the mood I am in," says Anne.

On why she loves Plains and Prints:

"That's why I love how Plains and Prints' clothes answer the woman's need
for both style and comfort. In my case, Plains and Prints has everything
to suit what I feel like wearing for the day --- but always with a touch of
fun and girly sophistication," Anne quips.

On why Anne is the perfect fit for Plains and Prints:

"Anne is not afraid to try out the new things and be bold that is why we love designing
with her in our mind. She is the exact Plains and Prints woman who likes
prints and color. She is very innovative with her outfits, yet still maintains that
classy vibe," explains Eala.

So now, it is a pleasure to share with you Plains and Prints 2014 Pre-Fall Collection.
The Collection is conceptualized by topnotch designer and Plains and Prints 
Creative Director Rhett Eala and endorsed by no less than the 
Plains and Prints woman herself--- Anne Curtis.

The Plains and Prints Pre-Fall collection is composed of four sets of 
off-the-rack ensembles that range from the playful, to the romantic, to the sophisticated.

The new collections embody the look that the fiercely independent professional woman 
goes for --- well-polished, trendy and unique.

"The Plains and Prints woman is not afraid to try trends or to stand out in her outfits.
She always has a fun element in her clothes because she could go from a 
busy day at work to a fun night out with friends. She is always well put together,
and you will never see her dull and boring," describes Eala.

Here's the Inspiration behind every Collection.

The California Dreamin' Collection has very sweet colors and
gets its inspiration from the warm autumn sunshine. 
It suits women who want a more natural vibe, 
yet still desire to look polished and respectable.

As Rhett Eala would describe, "the California Dreamin' collection gives out a 
refreshing, cool vibe."

This collection comes in pretty shades of pink and green from styles 
ranging from shift dresses, waist dresses and pants popping out with dainty details.

     ~ Plains and Prints ~

The Fleur de Lis Collection is one of my favorites. 
Anne Curtis came to the event wearing a captivating dress from this collection.

The clothes from this collection exhibits a very romantic and feminine vibe. 
The collection gets its inspiration from flowers and 
comes in vibrant shades of fuchsia, purple, peach and pink which 
reflects the color of the year ---- radiant orchid pink.

"I wanted to capture daintiness and sophistication all in one collection," Eala notes.

The Flights of Fancy Collection features a twist on a 
classic wardrobe staple --the button polo down shirt.
From just a simple regular button-down shirt, Plains and Prints turned it
into something fun and fancy with the help of vibrant prints and interesting colors.

Match it with a pair of denim or just casual short shorts and 
you'll look trendy in no time.

"Polo shirts are such a staple in office wear. We wanted to give it a twist. 
The pieces from Flights of Fancy can take you from the office to, maybe, 
an after work hangout," says Eala.

Another favorite collection of mine is The Uptown Girl Collection.
This collection is perfect for all Cosmopolitan Ladies out there.

Inspired by no less than the ultimate uptown girl herself --- Audrey Hepburn,
this collection features feminine silhouettes with rich details 
in bold shades of blues, yellows and oranges. 
Pure style and grace, very much like Audrey.

"With Uptown Girl, we focus on creating very classy, sophisticated silhouettes & details.
Audrey Hepburn never left our mind while we were designing the clothes, 
asking ourselves, what would she wear?" Eala adds.

All these collections will be available at Plains and Prints stores nationwide
  starting June 26, 2014,
or via online shopping through

I would like to congratulate Plains and Prints founders and owners 
Mr. Erickson Farillas and Mrs. Roxanne Farillas
for a very successful launch. They never fail to create unique fashion pieces.

*photo from Plains and Prints Facebook Page

Indeed, they have made the perfect choice to make Anne Curtis 
as the face of their Brand.

                                                           *photo from Plains and Prints Facebook Page

Truly, Plains and Prints is a label that is here to stay and will continuously
be known for its versatile fashion palette.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Stay tuned for more.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Big Break: #KITKATBreakMovement

Have you ever wished that you can be in two places at the same time?
Well, I have. Several times.
It's all because of one common enemy: S-T-R-E-S-S

Sometimes 24 hours in a day is not even enough for me.
My days are spent helping out in our family business which is amazingly diverse,
 as well as covering media events as a fashion blogger and stylist. 

On Mondays, I can be the Supervisor.
On Tuesdays, the Boss.
On Wednesdays, a Socializer.
On Thursdays, a Strategist.
On Fridays, a Model.

Come next week.....
It's no longer the same.
I'm all around. Trust me, being a Jack of All Trades is not that easy,
especially if mastery and consistency is required from you.
I can be an Engineer, Accountant, HR, Mechanic, I.T. Consultant and the like.
You name it. Welcome to my hectic life :)

So if given a chance, one skill that I definitely want to unlock and master is
(of course, produce quality work)

I'm the type of girl who doesn't give up easily. 
Whenever I commit, I make sure that I give my more than 100% to it.
I want to learn and improve how to multi-task at any given time simply because 
I want to have time for myself.
Don't judge me though, my reasons aren't selfish.

I need to Transform myself and learn to balance work and play.
I want to shout "Bring It On" and fight life's struggles.

They say that to love others, you have to learn to love yourself.
The business my family is in is not geared on making profit alone;
in fact, it's beyond that.

We are developing a Solar Plant to help provide alternative energy sources to the country.
Most of the time it gets tiring especially with the numerous requirements 
we get from industry players, regulatory bodies, suppliers and the like.
Isn't that something? This is all for the country and to be able to address
the power shortage we will be having in the coming years.

So enough time to pamper myself is what I need.
Retail Therapy, tons of KitKat and a Movie Marathon is my definition of Taking A Break!
Simply because I know I deserve it.

Always make a way to make the impossible Possible!
I can't wait to TRANSFORM myself into someone better:
A better version of myself.

How about you?
Have you joined the #KITKATBreakMovement?


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fleur De Lis

Being a fashion blogger and entrepreneur, I always make it a habit to look good.
Though my work entails a lot of stress, I don't let it get the best of me.

In fact, people would often times ask me, "What is my secret to staying young?"
The answer is actually simple: I dress young
I am fond of wearing florals whether as print design or accessories. 

For me, florals are very charming. 
They boost my confidence and make me look approachable at the same time.
It brings out my ethereal beauty giving me that sweet classic look. 

What I love about Plains and Prints clothing is that it's very versatile. 
You can wear their designs in any occasion or activity and still look ultra chic.

 I love this brand because it's a perfect fit to my personality: 

Fun, Feminine and Stylish
I will forever be a Floral Lover

This is my perfect partner and my secret to staying young and alive.

How about you?

Are you a floral lover like me? 

A California Dreamer perhaps?

Or an Uptown Girl?

Whatever your style personality is, I'm sure Plains and Prints has got you covered.
I hope to be part of this Pre-Fall Preview event.
Hope to see everyone there :)


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


This special post is dedicated to the man of my life: 
My Dad.

Since Father's Day is coming up, 
I thought of making something fun and creative.

I decided to portray my dad's style and personality through my #OOTD,
share the brands he is wearing and what keeps him looking good,
which explains my androgynous clothing.

Judging by the way I look, I'm sure you can now tell my dad's personal style.
I'll let you peek thru his closet. 

As you can see, my dad is fond of wearing formal yet fun and trendy clothes.
From Long Sleeves to Suit & Tie to his colorful Polo Shirts, 
these are his trade secrets in conquering the boardroom with style.
I'd describe his style as a Dapper Dad.

Some of the brands he loves to wear are:
 Perry Ellis, Marks & Spencer, Lacoste, Fred Perry (And the list goes on...)
These brands give great emphasis to tailored fit and fine fabrics
making him stylish all day long.

(Don't tell him I showed you though, lol)

And of course, shoes! 
My dad believes that one should not sacrifice comfort for style.
In fact, it should always go together.

Some of the brands he trust when it comes to footwear are the following:
 Cole Haan, Allen Edmonds, Autograph by Marks & Spencer, Bass, 
PabDer, Fratelli Rossetti and so on.

Now this is what I call luxury at its finest.

What I love about my dad's style is that it's all about dressing smart.
He looks effortlessly stylish. 
I'd marry him if he were only my age (kidding aside)
His mere presence never fails to command attention and respect.

Since he is a businessman by profession, most of his time is spent accommodating 
various kinds of people ranging from suppliers, investors, 
engineers, bankers and the like.

As his daughter, I'm so proud of him because aside from him being a loving Father,
he sure knows how to give back to society. 

Currently, we are in the process of building a solar powerplant to address the power deficit 
of the country. It's not easy I tell you but I sure know it's going to be worth it. 
We need more Visionaries like my dad. People like him gives us hope for a better future.

Always remember that whether you are a guy or a girl, proper grooming and 
professional appearance is key in maintaining a positive impression in your workplace.

Thank you dad for loving us unconditionally.
This one is for you :)

What I love about my dad is that we complement each other. 
In fact, whenever we would go to the mall, there are some people who would
 even think that we are lovers for some reason. Crazy right? 

Maybe because we would hold hands while walking or 
he would put his arms around my shoulder or aka "akbay". 
We're so cute that way. (lol)

Dad is my shining armor while I am his damsel in distress.
He is full of humor and is very resourceful.
In fact, this photo below is inspired by him.

"A" is for Arsenio, not Avengers.
I will forever cheer for you Daddy. Thank you for your loving guidance.
You're my fashion inspiration for this post. Hope you like it.

Someday, I will make you very proud :)
I love you.

Hope you had fun my dear readers and hopefully you could also surprise your dad like I did.
It doesn't really have to be something extravagant. 
As long as it comes from your heart (cliche as it may sound), 
I'm sure it will make your dad happy and touched.

Long Sleeves from My Dad's Wardrobe
Cap from My Brother's Wardrobe
Skirt from Apartment8 Clothing


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pop Star

Hello dear readers!
Ever dreamt of being a Pop Star for a day?
Here's a little fashion inspiration by yours truly.

I wore this ensemble to Rockwell and I easily stole everyone's attention.
I won't say that everyone did like my look though ('coz that would be impossible).
60% likers and 40% bashers (probably, lol)

At the end of the day, it's all a matter of personal style and comfort.

But damn, I did feel like a Korean Pop Star because everyone literally stared.
Want an autograph? :)

One-Shoulder Dress by Apartment 8 Clothing

If you've been following my blog, 
you'll notice that I've always been a fan of Apartment 8 Clothing.
Remember my Empress Look? (here)

What I love about Apartment 8 is it's so chic and trendy.
Whether I want to look sweet and feminine,
chic and edgy, or casual and laidback, they always have something
to suit my style, personality and mood for the day.

I hope that I get to collaborate with this brand someday :)

Studded Purse from So Fab!

I paired my eye-catching LBD from Apartment 8 with this 
Gold studded purse from So Fab! 

So Fab! is a shoe haven for fashionistas!
Remember my zebra-print pumps (here)
It's a show-stopper. Aside from shoes, they also sell limited edition 
purse and accessories that every girl would love to have.

Black and white color combination is such a timeless classic.
Pair it with gold accents and accessories and you'll look fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed my celebrity post! 
This is my Alter-Ego speaking :)