Friday, January 31, 2014


Something has changed within me...
Something is not the same... 

I'm through with playing by the rules..
Of someone else's game

By now, some of you must be wondering what is happening to me.

Well, not to worry at all (I'm just singing) because I'm WICKEDly high 
after watching this musical at Cultural Center of the Philippines last January 25, 2014.  

In fact, it's Broadway's Biggest Blockbuster of all time!
♫ ♪ Thus the singing  ♪ 

I'm talking about WICKED

                                                                                                                                                *photo taken from Concertus Manila FB Page

If you've always wondered what was the story behind the Witches of OZ,
the part that nobody dare tell us, then this theatrical masterpiece is for you. 
WICKED is all about the journey of friendship and will leave you spellbound.

                                                                                                                                                 *photo taken from Concertus Manila FB Page

I don't want to spoil the story so I decided to get some pictures 
from to give it justice. 
Photos are not mine. The succeeding photos are taken by Jeff Busby. 
Great shots indeed! Don't you agree?

Jemma Rix as Elphaba

Suzie Mathers as Glinda

Dancing Through Life, Popular, For Good and
Defying Gravity which I just sang in the first part of my post are
some of my favorite WICKED songs composed by Stephen Schwartz.

From the Cast to the Production and Props, everything was Superb!
Just checkout this photo I manage to get as my remembrance.
If this doesn't amaze you, I don't know what will :)

Special thanks to Lunchbox Theatrical Productions and other sponsors
for bringing this spectacular performance to Manila!

So happy to have seen it with my friends. For those of you who haven't 
watched yet, I bring you great news!

Due to popular demand, 

                                                                                                                                                 *photo taken from Concertus Manila FB Page

They will be here in Manila until March 9 so grab your tickets now 
before it gets sold out. A MUST-WATCH!

Moving forward, did you notice what I'm wearing?
I've been saving this dress for a special occasion and this was it.
I find it so Wicked! Simply perfect for grand theatrical performances.

I'm wearing a black mini dress from ROMWE.
If you've been following my blog, I'm sure you know by now that
I'm such a ROMWE fan.

I love the hollow design of this dress.
The cut-out design is so eye-catching that I'm sure to make heads turn.

Insanely creative I must say. 
I can actually pass as a Witch (a fashionable one at that!)

The look I came up with is playful and sexy yet sophisticated at the same time.
I brought a coat with me just in case it gets a little bit cold inside the theater.

The great thing about this dress is its design, quality and versatility.
It's made out of soft-touch fabric that hugs my body in the right places.
You can wear this during a date, a party or even at work.
Just make sure to mix and match with blazers and accessories to achieve your look.

This LBD can even be paired with skirts and pants 
for a different look altogether.
It's all about styling it accordingly.
I'm so glad I bought this dress! Definitely a great buy! :)

And checkout my shoes from TONIC!!! 
A perfect match to my dress, don't you think?

Before I end my post, I won't miss this chance to let all of you know 
that I've finally found my everyday Digital Buddy!

A Powerbank like no other!

With my incredibly busy schedule from work to social gatherings,
 I need something on-the-go. 

Thanks to Digibud, I get to update all my social networks 24/7
without having low-bat problems!

If you're interested to find out more,
visit Digibud by clicking here
or feel free to contact me at for orders.
The owners are a good friend of mine.

I hope you enjoyed my post!
I've always wanted to say this and I guess this caption fits the photo:


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sparks Fly

It's that time of year again...
Where girls get all dolled-up and
boys bring out their best-looking suits.
Have an idea yet? I'm sure you do!!!

Here comes PROM :)

Time for some dress ideas, brought to you by yours truly :)
Whether you want your dress custom-made or RTW,
it's always about finding that perfect match.

My suggestion is for you to first search for ideas and inspirations online. 
This will help you design your prom dress or even lead you to buying it.

To guide you, I have prepared 2 things in this post: 

Let's start with the first one: STYLE TIPS

TIP #1: Choose the right dress.
Proms have themes. Make sure that you dress appropriately,
 but still incorporate your own personal style.

This dress of mine is perfect for a Fairytale theme like Romeo & Juliet
or a Hollywood theme such as the Oscars.
I got it from my favorite online store ROMWE.

TIP #2: Get Dolled Up.
It's not every day that you get to attend prom.
Book a stylist if you want your hair and makeup done.

Since my dress already speaks for itself,
I decided to accentuate my look by putting on light makeup and 
parting my slightly curled hair on one side.

TIP # 3: Back to Basics.

Prepping up is a must. Remember those rules our moms used to remind us on 
caring for our face? Clean, tone and moisturize. This should be done 
religiously to prevent any breakouts before prom. If you ask me what I use, 
Pond's will definitely be in my list. My mom and I have always been
a Pond's user and am very thankful that it cares for my skin 24/7. 

Remember to always choose the right skin care product for you.
More importantly, on the day of your prom, I highly recommend that you bring your 
own makeup kit and brushes if you're going to have your makeup done by a stylist.
(for hygienic purposes!!! u don't want any sudden breakouts!)

TIP #4: Accessorize.
I may have said this a couple of times, but I'm going to repeat it again.
Accessories can make or break your outfit. 
If you're wearing something loud, then wear minimal accessories.
If you've decided to go simple, then it's time for you to accessorize.

As for me, I'm already shining like diamonds, 
so I chose a simple pearl necklace to pair it with.

I chose a simple yet elegant clutch bag which I got from GLAM by SM.
Bring only what you need and of course some extra cash for your after-prom party!

And of course, KILLER heels. (Just joking!)
Heels give you so much confidence so
 choose a pair that is stylish yet comfortable.

My stunning pumps are from So Fab!
Remember, there's going to be a lot of dancing during prom
so don't you dare buy a pair days before the big day without even 'breaking' it.

TIP # 5: Confidence.

You don't have to spend lavishly just to get the spotlight. 
Confidence is what will keep you going and bring you the attention you deserve.

Don't keep on looking at your cellphone to check how your friends are doing.
You have a date to attend to so relate with him well, or 
if for some reason you decided to go stag, 
then it's also your chance to get to know more people.


So many guys have already told me that they find girls most beautiful when they smile.
Trust me, they find it so hard to say NO to you. 
Not only will your date find you attractive but also everyone present.

TIP # 7: Show some Gratitude.

After the big day, I'm pretty sure that there's a lot of people who are responsible 
for making your prom successful. From your event organizer to your date,
 to your designer and stylist, send them a personal note of thanks or
 a simple token of gratitude.

Tokens need not be of monetary value. 
It can be as simple as giving them a copy of your prom picture 
with some personal dedication to it. 

TIP # 8: Prom Perfect is Picture Perfect.

If you're an active social media user like me, you'll notice a lot of girls
already busy preparing for prom. During prom, every person present is beautiful. 
But I ask you, why only for one night when you can be beautiful everyday? 

Hold your horses.... I'm not saying you have to wear tutus here and there 
to look like Cinderella because that would be indeed crazy. 
Being picture perfect is when you know how to take care of your appearance. 
From your clothes to your skin, every aspect is taken care of. 

So that whether you're attending a wedding, a date or perhaps a casual get-together,
you can call yourself #PromPerfect!!!
Imagine having more #Selfies than you can ever imagine (I Kid.)

I hope that you've enjoyed my special feature on Prom.
I'm excited to be #PromPerfect. Take me to Prom? :)

To all my readers out there:
I dare you to be #PromPerfect 


For those of you who are still looking for more prom dress ideas,
 here's the second thing I prepared for you:
My personal Style Picks from ROMWE!
I decided to recommend an online store that I've transacted with to
assure everyone that they get value for what they paid for.

Sequined Golden Dress

Details Here

ROMWE Off-shoulder Long-sleeved Blue Velvet Dress

Details here

ROMWE Black Gradient Print Pink Bandeau Dress

All dresses from my recommended fashion store --- ROMWE


Friday, January 10, 2014

Armed and Fabulous

Ready or not, I'm welcoming the Year with a Bang Bang!

This time around, it ain't something ordinary; 
I am now Armed and Fabulous.
I welcome you to Jethro's Shooting Range in Makati 

This is the spot where I will be testing my so-called shooting skills!
Oh boy, I was indeed ecstatic!
Checkout my target. 


It's my first time to actually pull the trigger and "entertain" myself with 30 rounds of ammo.
Damn... I must say it ain't as easy as I thought it were in the movies. 

But guess what, I did pretty good!
In fact, it turned out awesome.
 I could actually apply as a sniper (just kidding!
Here's a closer view of my shots! Just had to smile at the camera for remembrance.

I used a 9mm Pistol.
Since there were 30 ammos allocated for my enjoyment,
 I did 10 shots per round.
I even did a headshot on Round 2! Not Bad at all.

The Result of Round 3!
This just means one thing....
I may be nice but don't mess with me! (lol)

What's good about this place is that they teach you how to become responsible shooters.
The instructor taught me the basics in gun handling, gripping and firing.
All the rest depends on pure skill. 

We all did Great!
Now this is how we welcome the New Year! 

I Dare you to give it a try too! :)