Sunday, October 25, 2015

Breaking Coordinates

Matching a top to a different bottom may sometimes be tricky to pull off,
but it can also be very rewarding when one sees the final output.
So if there's one easy tip that we can all live by,
it's to always invest in basic styles and neutral colors.

The outfit to my left is featured via my style post A Beautiful Disaster , 
while that of the right can be found via Of Lace and Stripes.

This is how a simple mix and match can create a new level of chic. 

Taking inspiration from the classic black and white peg,
I created this casual laidback look by
 combining a basic croptop with lace suspenders
and finishing it off with an eyecatching loafer. 

How do you like this new look?
Stay creative and inspired dearest readers :)


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Black is the New Clean

I'll keep it short but sweet.
Women are the most beautiful when they feel good about themselves.

So if there's one style staple that every girl must own,
it's the famous Little Black Dress aka LBD.
Trust me, that extra oomph will make wonders!

For style aficionados out there, this dress of mine is from ROMWE.

By now, you've probably heard this a million times:
---That Black makes you look Sexy;

But what most people don't know is that 
Black is the New Clean.

Ironic as it may sound, you might ask me, in what way?
Well, it's all about Palmolive Naturals' newest soap, 
Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean 
infused with 100% natural charcoal powder. 

I know, I know, an instant reaction would be, "Charcoal??? That's dirty!"
Before you judge though, do give it a shot because charcoal powder actually
helps wash away dirt from the skin leaving it soft to touch.

It's the first of its kind that will leave you feeling clean and flawless all day.
It's time for you to discover the New Clean. 

 Fall in love with black and join me in a beautiful affair to remember :)