Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Better Basic

When the “weight of the world” is on you, more often than not, it can get the best of you. Handling four companies is no easy feat, that is why as both a businesswoman and a lifestyle blogger, the girl boss in me always make it a point to invest in clothes that understands my various needs. Fortunately, I found this long-lasting comfort in Uniqlo’s AIRISM Line, thanks to the help of SampleRoomPH.

AIRISM is the most advanced innerwear in the market that adopts the latest in Japanese Fiber Technology. From shirts to underwear, Uniqlo gently equips both men and women with the right amount of TLC to conquer their everyday life battles.

Photo from Uniqlo Website

Now let me show you how I nail my ensembles with the help of AIRISM, featuring 3 different styles: a) Airism Sleeveless Top , b) AIRISM Camisole, and c) AIRISM Seamless Short Sleeve T-shirt.

On days that I just want to binge around, perhaps read a book or chill by the porch, I wear my AIRISM Sleeveless top. The smooth texture of my top’s fabric (Cupro Fiber) allows me to stay engrossed for hours without any unnecessary distractions. The fabric does not ride up, thus I feel fresh and relaxed all day. For a chic and casual look, I paired it with denim. Accessorizing with a shawl or a scarf can also do the trick.

For those special days that I need to walk the talk, I depend on my Airism Camisole as the perfect innerwear for my coat/ blazer. The deep neckline and the snug fit of the camisole assures me that I look respectable in the boardroom, giving me that added dose of confidence to woo any stakeholder of the company. Now this is my definition of ruling the world with both fashion and function.

After a hard day’s work, there are also days when I ought to reward myself. Whether your idea of rest is hitting the beach or basking by the pool, packing a seamless shirt is always a brilliant idea. If you’re playful like me, then why not style your bikinis/ swimsuits with a seamless shirt like so. Who said you’re only limited to wearing this as an innerwear? Get creative and use it as an outerwear (plus points as I can easily style it as an offshoulder). Trust me, it's so comfortable that it's light as air. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

Another fun way to style the Airism Seamless Short Sleeve T-Shirt is with ternos. It's a stylish way of dressingup that will surely make heads turn. I need not worry about my innerwear as this fabric is so smooth to the touch. It also helps eliminate odors caused by sweat. Now that's what I call investing in the right innerwear.

Finally, if you’re the athletic type and staying in shape is a top priority, then pack your bags and wear again your Sleeveless top (this time to the gym!). Wearing this Airism top helps release trapped heat and moisture quickly, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable even while you sweat. More reasons to burn those calories with the fabric's powerful self-deodorization feature.

I must confess that back then I was not a fan of wearing innerwears due to the fact that they are uncomfortable, bulky, and not to mention, they make you perspire even more, but the moment I got to try AIRISM, I was completely sold. All those previous notions and misconceptions I had with an innerwear suddenly disappeared.

Just like a little black dress, a red lipstick, and stilettos, never underestimate the power of a great innerwear. Take it from the woman who has a demanding and fast-paced lifestyle as shared above, investing in the right inner garment is just as important as choosing your outerwear. They can easily influence your mood as well as your performance, and have a big impact on your health and overall confidence.

The beauty with AIRISM is that is not your Ordinary Basic; it is the Better Basic. It is great for everyday wear wherein men, women and even kids can enjoy the feeling of staying young and free, without any pretenses. Even the experts are impressed with Airism's effectiveness. Watch this video to put Airism to the test.

Source: Youtube, Uniqlo

Time to let your skin finally breathe. Give up your cotton fabrics and switch to the better basic, AIRISM. Your skin will thank you.

To know more about Uniqlo, visit http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/ :) You can follow the hashtags #UniqloAIRismPH #LifeWear #SampleRoomPH for more Airism photos. Tag me @twiniekaye, @uniqlophofficial and @SampleRoomPH about your AIRISM experience. Happy Shopping dear Bellas!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

When the Shoe Fits

To all fashion girls out there, I'm pretty sure you know this by heart:
Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. " 
- Marilyn Monroe

Well I say, give a girl the right shoes and she can nail her OOTD. Simple as that. For this post, I'd like to share with you some snippets of my fashion lookbook with a local online brand called

It's actually my first time to wear this brand. I only came to know this online store via their Instagram page @enzoshoppebysherylchan. Interestingly, Enzo Online Shoe Shop started as early as 2009.

While browsing, the shoes that immediately caught my eye was those in the color white. For me, it's always a good idea to invest in basic yet classic colors like so. What I did was simply post my order via IG Private Message. Fortunately the seller was kind enough to accommodate my order. It was a breeze transacting. Imagine, I got my order the next day. Now that's what I call a pro.

So here are 3 stylish looks I came up with. As I've said, choosing the right shoes can bring wonders to your outfit. Remember it can either make or break your look.

Hanging out with friends? Date night? This Casual & Polished look will score you perfect points for looking effortlessly beautiful. An all white ensemble paired with Enzo heels is a stunner.

Sometimes, it's better not to show all. Look sexy & mysterious with this top and terno paired with heels by Enzo. Asymmetric cuts and high slits add oomph to any outfit. 

If you're a simple gal who prefers the girl-next-door look, then an offshoulder top and jeans combo can do the trick. For a chic & trendy ensemble, pair it with Enzo's block heels for maximum comfort. 

Whichever style or personality you possess, always remember to embrace the real you. Trust me, no need to conform to what the fashion industry says is on-trend; there's so much options to choose from.... The perks of being a girl :)

And for all shopaholics out there, you're in for a treat. Shopee X Enzo Shoppe is offering a sitewide promo discount of Php100 off for the first order of newly created Shopee accounts. Minimum order is only Php250. Here's the code :)

Hope you had fun in this post :) Stay gorgeous bellas!


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