Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chic and Polished

Style for me is very personal ---it's liberating.
That's why as both a fashion blogger and businesswoman, 
I make it a point that I always look presentable.

When dressing up, I usually draw inspiration from
 my mood or a striking accessory like so.

Take for instance this eyecatching Sallygator bag
 colorful Handle Wrap from Oh My Bag PH

I love how easy I can transform my look from day to night.

The handle wraps are so versatile that it can actually
 give any bag an instant facelift.

Suzanne Blush Handle Wrap

And yes, you can also wear it as a scarf. Oh how I wish I own 
all 50 designs of these handle wraps. The satin finish is superb and
 I'm having so much fun matching it with my OOTDs!

Another way on how you can sport handle wraps is 
to tie it as a ribbon or a bag scarf. 
Styling these babies are endless possibilities.

At the end of the day, 
it's all about putting your personality to what you're wearing.

I went for a look that is chic and polished, 
hence the matching scarf and bag scarf by Oh My Bag PH.

If there's one thing to remember, it's to
always have fun with your ensemble. Be open to trying out
new looks because who knows it can eventually be your style peg.

And for all those fashionistas and bag aficionados out there, 
if you want to give the best care possible for your bags, 
then I highly suggest that you checkout Oh My Bag . 
They also offer various bag care products ranging from 
bag raincoats, bag stuffers and base shapers 
to keep your well-loved companions in tip-top shape.


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