Thursday, April 23, 2015


It's that time of year again to brighten up with tons of colors and prints!
Say hello to Coachella :)

When dressing up for music festivals, my style recommendation would be 
A sequined ethnic crop top + a flowy maxi skirt + a chic hair accessory

A flower crown or a fancy hat like so will complete your festive look. 
Do bring a pair of sunnies as well a scarf for unpredictable weather conditions.

If you love my Coachella vibe,
I'm wearing a crop top from ROMWE and a maxi skirt from Soigné Clothing.

So ladies, bring out your favorite technicolor outfit
 and it's time to enjoy summer. 

How about you? What's your festival fashion fix? :)


Friday, April 17, 2015

Punk Princess

I've always wanted to sport a punk princess look, so here's my take on it! :) 

It might not be uso and even look baduy to some, 
but I'm just doing this for fun :) 
Who knows, some of you might even like it! 

I wore this dainty colored gown during my Uncle's Wedding last week. 
Of course, my footwear wasn't like this as it was a very formal event
and I had a role to play in the Ceremony so I wore a 
glittery silver pair that was similar to that of Cinderella (will show it next time) :) 

These photos were taken after the Church ceremony.
Modelling these sneaks are way too comfortable.
Totally understand those brave souls who dare wear this look, 
instead of the traditional glitz and glamour.

Punk princesses can be spotted during prom season.
However, they are a rare breed.
I guess sometimes you just have to learn not to care and just be who you are.

Remember readers that it's all about embracing your style and personality.
There are a lot of fashion trends, but not all would fit you.

A punk princess does not need to wear gowns like so.
As long as your style is edgy yet feminine,
you've got it going, girl! :) 


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quintessential Japan

I always make sure that I travel in style and comfort.
So when I went to Japan to celebrate the Holy Week, 
the very first outfit I wore was this Leopard Printed Midi Dress from LUCLUC
The dress is stylish, versatile and the perfect companion for Japan weather.

Japan is known to be a country rich in history. 
There is no perfect timing more than visiting the country 
during the first week of April --- the season of cherry blossoms.

My very first stop is Kiyomizu-dera, a Buddhist temple in Eastern Kyoto, 
which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here's my twin and I posing with our very first Sakura aka Cherry Blossom encounter.

Second sightseeing location was at the City of Nara. 
I recommend Todaiji Temple for its beautiful scenery as well as 
Nara Park for all kids-at-heart.

 Experience the joy and the thrill in
interacting with free roaming deers in Nara Park.

 Feed them with rice crackers and biscuits, or better yet, wait for them 
to bow ---- their way of asking for sustenance. Witty!

A little trivia, deers are considered sacred animals in Japan 
and killing one is punishable by death.

Third stop is at Rinku Premium Outlets.
This is a shopping haven of luxury and branded items.

As you roam around, you'll see this spectacular view.

And if you noticed, the style of my dress is a low V-Back. 
Simple silhouette in front, yet an eye-catching cut at the back.
Now that's how I bring sexy back.

If it gets a little bit cold, 
then a scarf and a chic jacket should come in handy.

So what do you think about this new look? 

Here's a little chronicle of our tour in Japan :)

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.
If you are fond of dresses, checkout this site for more fashion inspiration :)