Friday, January 29, 2016

Top 5 Kilig Moments of OTWOL that will make you believe in Love Again

This post was supposed to be for another blog site I contribute in, but since Valentines is coming, I figured it's the best time to share it :)

They say that when you get married, it should be with the right person and with the right intentions; But with Clark (James Reid) and Leah (Nadine Lustre), who both star in the romcom series On The Wings of Love aka OTWOL, it was the complete opposite. Leah married Clark just to get a green card while Clark played along for extra income as well as to return favors for his Aunt Jack. But before they know it, love caught up on them, and this time for real.

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Here’s a little snippet of how their bittersweet romance all started. Watch this.

On The Wings Of Love: Wedding

On The Wings Of Love: First dance

So whether you’re a fan of OTWOL or not, this 5 kilig scenes (in no particular order) will make you believe in love again. Whether you had your heart broken or still a hopeless romantic, a man like Clark Medina is every girl’s dream guy:

1)               1 When he helps you fulfill your heart’s desire, no matter how impossible it may seem. Case in point: Clark recreates PROM, a special moment in every girl’s life, for Leah. Who could blame Leah for falling in love? A man like Clark is a keeper.

On The Wings Of Love: Preparation

On The Wings Of Love: Sweetest Surprise

2)               2 When he professes to you with all sincerity that you are his top priority, regardless of any worldly thing he holds valuable. Always remember that the guy who commits and comes back to you is one that is worth fighting for. Find out what Clark would do for Leah.

On The Wings Of Love: "Kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka"

3)               When he looks at you like you’re the only girl that matters. 

On The Wings Of Love: Napa Valley

On The Wings Of Love: Hugs and Kisses

4)               When he spends endless days with you and starts discussing about the future --- with you and him in the picture.

On The Wings Of Love: Getting real

On The Wings Of Love: Future Home

5)              When he tells you that his heart only belongs to you and that you are his reason for believing that love is wonderful and not bitter. Find out what Clark does for Leah to make things right.

On The Wings Of Love: My heart's always with you

On The Wings Of Love: The Proposal

If there’s one thing that we can learn from the story of Clark and Leah, it’s that love can never be forced. One must continue to pursue the other even after courtship because that’s when the relationship truly starts. Stay tuned for last few episodes of OTWOL, it will be worth it! Happy Valentines Day! :)

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All OTWOL videos were taken from Youtube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment

Hope you enjoyed this PreValentines Treat :)


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello Sinulog

Last weekend, my bestfriend Echie and I flew to Cebu for Sinulog.

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We arrived Mactan airport on Friday at around 10:30 pm.
Our gorgeous bestie Jas and her boyfriend Rap picked us up and
we went straight to Maya, a Mexican restaurant to grab some late night dinner.

Jon and Ichi joined us and damn, it was one crazy night full of stories and jokes!
It was a mojito kind of night and it felt like college all over again.
We left the place at around 3 am in the morning! Good Times Indeed :)

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It's my 3rd time in Cebu, yet my first time to experience Sinulog.
So the blogger in me felt like sharing with you snippets of what it is all about.

We attended a Procession last Saturday.
This was how jampacked it was.

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Oh what Faith can do. Truly amazing.
Sinulog Festival is held in honor of the Sto Niño every 3rd Sunday of January.

Sunday is when the Grand Celebration begins. Expect to get wet and wild, literally.
So wear something fun, light and comfortable.

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To demonstrate, this top was once a shirt,
 but I cut and styled it according to my preferred look.
Special thanks to my artsy friends for helping out :)

This look I created can be worn in 3 ways:
A sleeveless shirt as shown above,
an offshoulder top like so

or a one-shoulder top as you deemed fit.

It's all a matter of creativity. 
Checkout Echie's look! Simply Fabulous!

Now that we are ready, off to somewhere fun! :)

And yes, I'll reiterate, you'll get really dirty along the way :)

This is the Grand Parade where you'll find the most colorful costumes.

A photo posted by Twinie Kaye Ng (@twiniekaye) on

A photo posted by Twinie Kaye Ng (@twiniekaye) on

And if you get real lucky, you'll find yourself surrounded by big stars!
Checkout Coco Martin and his friends

And now, let the Street Dancing begin :))
Thanks dear Jas for the photos

My friends and I attended Sinulog Royals 2016 at Alejandro's Century Plaza.

Thank you Jas for taking care of us. I know I've been saying this repeatedly,
but someone like you is rare to find and I am beyond grateful that
we have been best of friends all these years. I will always have your back :)

It was truly a night of merriment. Crazy but full of love.
Definitely one for the books.

Here's DJ Kirby to cap off my post :)


Monday, January 11, 2016

Worth the Second Look

Every girl's Cinderella moment is 
when she gets to dressup like a modern day princess.

 Lace Embroidered Organza Wedding Dress

Two of the most important occasions in our lives 
will always be Prom and The Day we say "I Do".

As a fashion lover and stylist, I am in constant search for brands that will
make every girl's dream come true and I've found this in ROSA NOVIAS AU .

ROSA NOVIAS AU is an online shop that sells 
custom made wedding dresses, prom dresses and evening wear.

And now that PROM is fast approaching, 
I've made a list of my Top 10 Look Recommendations
(in no particular order) that will make any guy head over heels.

A-line Chiffon Prom Dress
Pastel hues are perfect for this Season. 
Go for Chiffon and an A-line silhouette to achieve a dazzling look. 
Adding a halter neckline like so will bring just the right amount of sexy.

More about the A-line chiffon look 

Sleeveless Tulle Prom Dress
If your dream is to look like Princess Jasmine or become Belle of the Ball,
then it's time for you to sport a tulle gown. 
Opt for a Bateau neckline made of beads and sequins.

More about this Tulle look

Mermaid Prom Dress

Unleash the daredevil in you by sporting a mermaid silhouette in black
combined with an intricate neckline. Now that's a different kind of sexy.

More about this Serpentina cut

A-line Chiffon Short Prom Dress
Sport a sweet ballerina look with this ensemble.
Opt for a backless dress made out of lace for a more romantic yet sexy appeal. 
Achieve this look and you can now call yourself a swan princess.

More about this Swan Princess look

One Shoulder, Slit Chiffon A-line Cocktail Dress

They say less is more. If simplicity has always been your mantra,
then let your beauty shine with a one-shoulder neckline and 
a thigh split maxi cocktail dress. Accessorize a little and you'll look
like a Grecian Goddess endowed with utmost beauty and grace.

More about this Grecian look

Lace Dress
Nothing screams more sexy than an offshoulder full lace bodice. 
Opt for white for a classy and sophisticated look.

More about this superb prom look

Sweet & Short Party Dress
Dazzle everyone present by wearing a stunning red dress in V-Neck.
Make sure to choose one that screams exquisite from head to toe.

More about this party look

 Cocktail Dress
Ever wanted to wear a look inspired by the Great Gatsby?
Here's a peg that you might want to consider for prom chosen by yours truly. 

More about this Gatsby look

Jewel Sheath Prom Dress
A floor-length dress in dainty or pastel colors 
can give you a very charming look. 
Choose a Jewel-toned neckline like so to accentuate your lovely curves.
 And if you feel like twinning around, then by all means, go ahead.

More about this charming look

Champagne Pleats Dress
 Go all out Hollywood glam with this beautiful masterpiece.
This dress is beyond perfection. 
It's difficult not to fall in love with this sweetheart.

More about this Hollywood look

I hope you enjoyed the styles I handpicked. 
What is your favorite look?

For more fashion inspiration, 


Saturday, January 2, 2016

That Plaid Look

Happy New Year my dear Readers! 
Today marks the second blank page of your 365 page life book,
 so make sure to write a good one :)

This 2016, 
I'm starting off my look with the classic --- PLAID.

Plaid has always been one of the crowd-favorite,
because it's something everybody can easily wear and style.

My lovely V-Neck Plaid dress is from ROMWE
one of my most-loved global online fashion stores.
So if you need some party dresses, accessories or 
just about anything stylish, I definitely recommend this store.

Since I opted for a laidback look,
I chose to wear my sneakers from Natural World Eco
to complement my ensemble. 

If you are still studying, you can also take inspiration from here
and make your look either chic, rock, preppy, all depending to your mood.
It's all a matter of choosing the right accessories and footwear.

Now that we all have a clean slate to start with,
I sincerely hope that we all make better and wiser decisions this 2016.

They say that time heals everything 
and I couldn't agree more.
Always remember that 
no one can take charge of your happiness except you.

Plaid Flare Dress by Romwe
White Sneakers by Natural World Eco

It's time to be a style chameleon.
Let's all strive in making our dreams come true :)