Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Twinning in Fur

As promised, here's a special edition post of my twin and I in FUR .
It took some time due to our extremely busy 
schedule and client calls. but finally here it is!!! :)

Checkout my twin's dramatic pose, don't you love it?!

Both of us wore a fur vest by Jewels
My twin chose Pink while I went for Black.

Her look was classy while I went for a peg that is très chic

Oh, the perks of having a twin: wardrobe madness!
This was me sporting two colors as teaser in my previous post.

Hope you enjoyed this style post 
as much as we had fun creating it :)

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fine with Fur

Here's a little teaser of what's to come.

Why choose, when you can have both?

Wear Something Precious. 
Wear Jewels.

Stay tuned as my twin and I will be collaborating 
to show you different ways on how to style fur.
Do dropby my blog in a few days.

Because sometimes, 
fashion need not be expensive with Jewels :)


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekend Warrior

Last weekend, my friends and I got the chance to visit 
Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal. 

Surrounded by different sculptures and art forms, it was a sight to behold.

This spot even reminded me of the movie The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit.
Me and my imagination!

If you love nature, art and history, call this place a sanctuary.

Just a little piece of advice when you want to visit Pinto Art Museum:

1) wear light clothing. (bring an extra top for maximum comfort) 
2) bring a cap (and why not a pair of shades as well)
3) bring Kleenex (it will come in handy, trust me)

4) Eat a good brunch like so (don't worry about calories, Pinto has got you covered!)

If you're wondering where this is, it's by a homey place
called Eggs for Breakfast Cafe.

5) And lastly, why not make another stopover that is a few minutes drive
 from the museum. Dropby Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls

Whether you just want to relax and listen to the sound of the falls,
or better yet take a selfie or groufie, just go for it and take the shot.

Cheers to another weekend to remember! 
Thanks Euge for bringing us here. 
We enjoyed the company as well as your singing :)


Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

Sometimes 24 hours in a day ain't enough. Let me share with you a little snippet of my world.

Working in a family business is harder than most people think. Having your dad as your boss is no walk in the park. There's no such thing as special treatment at all. And oh, those things called SL and VL are actually nonexistent in our vocabulary, (that's unless you really are sick, you know what I mean).

Imagine yourself overseeing 4 companies. Crazy right? Welcome to my world.
Energy, telecom, real estate and healthcare. Yes, that's me.

I'm no superwoman but I always try my best to do what I can to help the company grow, 
whether that be in Sales, Finance or any position that is vacant. 
As what Steve Martin would say, "Be so good they can't ignore you."

You may also recognize me as a style blogger, because yes, fashion has always been my first love.

I know, I know, like most people, you may be wondering how I do it?
Here are 3 easy ways on how I personally handle the stress of work deadlines.


Dress according to your mood. Whenever you feel down, 
choose an ensemble that is light and carefree. These type of clothing acts as
confidence booster, giving you enough zest to ace that client meeting and seal the deal. 
If you're on the conservative side, then a blazer will go well with a dress like so.


Treat color as a form of secret antidote. Whenever you see a rainbow, 
the child in you becomes all giddy right? That's because colors act as the 
perfect balance to one's yin and yang. So whenever I need to calm myself down, 
I would go for soft pastel colors to do the trick.

On days that I don't feel like wearing too much color, I make sure I put color
accents and by this I mean , wearing my favorite shade of lipstick.


Every time I'm stressed out, my immunity weakens,
that's why I make sure that I take care of my health by taking FERN-C.

Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C! with just 1-2 capsules of Fern-C daily.
Subok Na!

To know more about FERN-C, 

Always remember that work need not be exhausting nor stressful.
If you follow and live out these 3 tips of mine, then I'm sure you
will continue to amaze and inspire not only yourself, but also the people around you.