Thursday, June 30, 2016

All That Matters

Hello Everyone! 
Last week, I got the chance to reconnect with my Alma Mater;
and the blogger in me couldn't resist but take OOTD shots.

While strolling around the corridors of SOM and SEC-walk, 
I felt every bit nostalgic.

 I've had so many crazy yet beautiful memories here
and it certainly is one of the best 4 years of my life.

You might have probably guessed it by now. 
I was back to my beloved school because it was my brother's graduation.

Because this was my brother's big day, I had to dress the part.
I have to look good, at the same time consider the 'weather'.
All that matters is my Alma Mater.  What a play of words! :)

If you've been following my blog posts regularly, you would have known by now
that Apartment8 Clothing is one of my favorite go-to brands. 
Their dresses are ultra-chic and stylish, not to mention, feminine and sexy.

For starters, I chose to wear a blush/ rose quartz dress to 
give me an ethereal glow without me even trying. 
The color is fresh and very appropriate for celebratory occasions like so.

I expected that the ceremony would be extremely hot and congested.

Thank God! I followed my instincts and went for a backless dress 
that was not too revealing yet enough to let my skin breathe.
Don't you just love the asymmetrical cut? Totally made my ensemble standout!

To cap-off my look, I went for a little drama by wearing falsies.
It certainly made my peepers look awake while every graduate was being called.

As a takeaway to you my dear reader, 
always let your dreams inspire you.

I've always loved dressing-up. Back in college, 
my friends would often compliment me with having such 
good taste in fashion. I even remember them telling me that 
it's only my twin and I who can pull-off those unique outfits.
That was actually the reason why I am so passionate about my blog.

One day, I do hope that I'll get the chance to collaborate in any way with Apartment8.
I'm such a fan of their creations and would even model for them at no cost. 
Their styles are c'est magnifique! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post


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Monday, June 20, 2016

Your New Hangout Place: CONRAD

If you need a quick breather (without even leaving the city proper), 
Conrad Manila is one of those places you ought to visit.

Situated at Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City,
 Conrad Manila has a spectacular view of the Manila Bay.
Since yesterday was extra special (Father's Day), 
we figured that this was indeed the perfect place to celebrate.

Before entering the hotel premises, 
please don't forget to appreciate the architectural facade of The Conrad. It is Iconic!
(not the one in our background, pun intended

So here are some snippets while we were on-board the Conrad
I won't show everything because where's the fun in that.

Managed to take a quick outfit shot while strolling around.

Dress by Apartment 8 Clothing

We even met Ray! The world keeps on getting smaller and smaller :)

If there's the slightest chance you even get bored,
S Maison (located at the lower level floors of the Conrad) 
offers you various shopping boutiques, dining and 
entertainment facilities to enjoy.

Since it's dad special day, dinner was definitely on us.
We treated him to this posh restaurant in Conrad Hotel called
China Blue by Jereme Leung. I'll let the photos do the talking.

For Starters, we had 2 orders of these

Shrimp Wasabi

Beef Asparagus Hunan

Truffle Mushroom Bun


Spicy Chicken

A must try dessert --- Jereme Leung's version of Salted Egg.
Heaven in every bite!

Black Gold Bun

And with a panoramic view as beautiful and serene as this, 
we were simply in paradise.

Whether it's father's day or not, always cherish your parents today and everyday.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pretty in Pastel

Audrey Hepburn has always been known for her stylish flair.
So this time, I took a little inspiration from the style icon herself 
to recreate a look that I can call as the Modern Audrey.

To add a little fun, 
I didn't go for her signature look (Breakfast at Tiffany's),
that being of a little black dress and a cigarette holder.

Instead, I went for a more modern twist by sporting a 
pastel colored dress with an eyeliner wand. 
Props to creativity and being resourceful!
Say Hello to the new generation of stylists! lol :)

Always remember my dear readers that Style is Ageless.
You don't need to imitate someone to look great; 
Learn to embrace your own style.

So why not take inspiration from my modern Audrey look and 
recreate a beautiful silhouette out of soft patterns like so. 


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