Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Spring Summer Looks

It's that time of year again when we welcome brighter colors,
bolder prints and eyecatching silhouettes.

Katerina Maxi Dress (Plains & Prints Hawaii Collection)

Now that SUMMER is fast approaching, 
Plains & Prints has created new collections for every fashionista out there.

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One of my favorite is their HAWAII COLLECTION, which is already out in stores.
It is inspired by the tropics with hues ranging from green, yellow and peach.

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Plains & Prints TAHITI COLLECTION is also perfect this season. 
Inspired by the beauty of the South Pacific, this refreshing collection is filled with 
florals and feather prints in shades of orange, cobalt blue, mint green and pink create .

(L) Juliet Top + Jobelle Shorts and (R) Joanie Top + Glacier Pants (Tahiti Collection)

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And of course, what's summer without fun in the beach and a dip in the pool.
Checkout these fun cover-ups and swimsuits by Plains & Prints.

Baler Swimsuit (Plains & Prints Swimsuiits and Coverups Collection)

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SUMMER DRESSES like these are also a must have for every fun and carefree girl out there.

(L) St Barts Dress and (R) Barbados Dress (Plains and Prints Summer Dresses)

And for those who are looking for more sophisticated looks, 
do checkout the new collections of R.A.F. by Plains & Prints.

Happy Shopping! :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


How was your Valentine's dear readers? 

For those of you who already have a special someone, 
continue pursuing each other every day.

And for those who aren't attached yet, not to worry because 
cliche as it may sound, it will happen in God's perfect timing :)

Often times, love can be really tricky.
One day you have butterflies in your stomach, and the next, 
you wonder how you can even fall for that person.

I guess that's just how love is. 
It suddenly hits you, hard. 
Feelings may come and go, but memories are forever.

Anyways, that's enough sharing of insights :)

Moving on to my look...

Aside from the usual connotation of Red being worn during
 Birthdays, Valentine's and the Chinese New Year, 
Red is my go-to-color whenever I want to look sweet and sexy.

In fact, if you were to ask me, 
I'd say a Little Red Dress should be a style staple in every girl's closet.

There's something about the color that makes you look intimidating yet charming.

Remember to choose a LRD that fits your personality, (an off-shoulder for me
and accessorize with an eyecatching belt (black & gold color combo being my fave)
and some stunning heels like so.

Dress by Pinky
Belt from Apartment8
Karmen Leopard Pumps by Predictions 


Sunday, February 15, 2015


If you're looking for a place with great ambiance then head to Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams.

Experience posh upscale Japanese dining at Nobu.
 They have an indoor and outdoor setup to your delight.
 It's also a perfect date place for couples out there and a classy place to propose <3

Here's what we ordered for dinner for our Post-birthday celebration :)


Rock Shrimp Tempura


Black Cod Miso (Alaska)
A Signature Dish by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa
Certainly a must try! In fact, we ordered 2. It was that good! :)

 Yaki Tenderloin


This is actually our second time to visit City of Dreams.
The first time we went, we dined at Erwin's Gastrobar. 
This time around, Nobu captured our palate.
 This gold sequin dress I'm wearing is perfect for tonight :)

Can't wait for our next food adventure at City of Dreams. So many to try!

I am out of words for this place! 

Simply breathtaking!

All praise to Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and a big congratulations to 
Celebrity Actor Robert De Niro for co-founding Nobu.

Do checkout Nobu Hotel, I highly recommend it :)

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard,
Entertainment City, ParaƱaque 1701, Manila, Philippines


Monday, February 9, 2015

Laid-Back New York

We all have those days when we are a little bit lazy to dress up,
but that doesn't mean, we have to sacrifice style.

Tee from Cebu
Skirt from Hotkiss

Wearing a simple tee as such can look chic when worn with heels.

And of course, an eye-catching label will do the trick.

Going casual should never be boring.

Remember that comfort and style can always go hand in hand.
Hope you enjoyed my version of a laid-back yet fashion forward look.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Belle of the Ball

The month of love has finally arrived and what better way to welcome it
than to relive one of the greatest love stories ever told. 

 Watched Beauty and the Beast, the Broadway Musical at CCP! 
Simply a musical treat for any kid at heart.

Image via

Of course, being a fashion blogger & stylist, I decided to get creative and dress the part.
I chose an off-shoulder velvet dress with gold knit embellishments for 
that sweet romantic look. Accessorize with an elegant headpiece and voila!

This lovely bodycon dress is from one of my favorite online shops, ROMWE.
I swear, if you're a fashionista like me, you'll be fascinated with their clothes :)

With Prom Season just around the corner,
one tip for every Bella out there is to know your style.

Whether you prefer to wear couture or just a simple RTW, 

trends may often times be overpowering, 
so choose a design that still speaks about who you are.

Don't overdo dressing-up just to comply with the theme :)
Be the Belle of the Ball in your own comfortable way.

Another tip to remember is to take care of your skin.
It may sound obvious but most girls experience breakouts just days before prom
after juggling both schoolwork and prom planning. 

Find the time to relax, enjoy "Me-Time" and of course moisturize.
With the help of some beauty tricks and the right amount of coverage, you'll look fab.

Always equip yourself with confidence and a sweet smile :)

And remember to enjoy and thank everyone who made your day special :)
If you're still looking for prom/party dresses, I recommend that you check

Stay fabulous my dear readers! <3