Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Heat Wave

For my loyal readers, you must know by now that I dress according to my mood.
This romper I'm wearing was borne out of my desire to be casual yet posh.

This was my look when I attended Hugh's 1st Birthday party at Century Park Hotel.

Happy birthday Hugh! Make your daddy and mommy proud!
You can do it kiddo.

It may be June already but it certainly is not as cool as it used to be.
Sigh, what Climate Change can do.
Right after the birthday celebration, my family went straight to Greenbelt to stroll around.

Lo and behold, the mall's ventilation was not as cool as before.
I guess we really can't blame the mall's management as electricity rates are hiking up.

What I wore was in fact perfect! 
I have "aircon vents" all over (haha)

Thank God I was wearing a semi-backless attire.

This look I paired with heels. 
They instantly add oomph to any look.

And of course, wear a smile and it could be your best accessory.

Got this Romper from Apartment8, one of my favorite shops.
 I got my heels from downtown Manila.
Definitely a good buy!

How do you like my Look?

Ending this post with something creative.
Since my brother was caught in the background, he could serve as my props as well.
Thus, captioning this photo as "The One that Got Away"


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