Friday, January 10, 2014

Armed and Fabulous

Ready or not, I'm welcoming the Year with a Bang Bang!

This time around, it ain't something ordinary; 
I am now Armed and Fabulous.
I welcome you to Jethro's Shooting Range in Makati 

This is the spot where I will be testing my so-called shooting skills!
Oh boy, I was indeed ecstatic!
Checkout my target. 


It's my first time to actually pull the trigger and "entertain" myself with 30 rounds of ammo.
Damn... I must say it ain't as easy as I thought it were in the movies. 

But guess what, I did pretty good!
In fact, it turned out awesome.
 I could actually apply as a sniper (just kidding!
Here's a closer view of my shots! Just had to smile at the camera for remembrance.

I used a 9mm Pistol.
Since there were 30 ammos allocated for my enjoyment,
 I did 10 shots per round.
I even did a headshot on Round 2! Not Bad at all.

The Result of Round 3!
This just means one thing....
I may be nice but don't mess with me! (lol)

What's good about this place is that they teach you how to become responsible shooters.
The instructor taught me the basics in gun handling, gripping and firing.
All the rest depends on pure skill. 

We all did Great!
Now this is how we welcome the New Year! 

I Dare you to give it a try too! :)


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