Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Summer

Hey Girls! Summer is finally here.
Now's the perfect time to bring out your Crop Tops and Bandeaus!

For today's outfit post, it's a floral crop top paired with a bandage skirt.
Something fun and fresh to welcome the scorching heat.

I wore this to Malik's 1st Birthday Party which was held at LIGHT OF LOVE Events Place.

I felt like a kid again with birthday parties like these.

To look young and vibrant, wear florals.
It's such a sweet classic look.

It can be sexy too depending on how you wear it.

My Crop Top was a gift from Jas, one of my closest friends in Cebu.
She's gorgeous inside out.
No wonder she's loved by many.
I am damn lucky to have a friend like her :)

Another must-have summer accessory are hats!
They protect your hair from being extremely dry,
plus it makes you extra stylish.

This hat is also a gift, this time from my good friend Stan.
It's from Desigual and it was one of his pasalubong from his Singapore trip.

My friends are such good sponsors of my fashion outfits.
It must be really obvious how I love dressing up :)

And of course, fashionable pumps will take you to places.
These babies are from Forever21.
Just look at the floral prints! Indeed timely.

There were 3 main highlights of Malik's birthday party:

 The fathers being challenged to do Yoga

Malik with awesome parents

The super cute and colorful Souvenirs: CHICKS!!!

Meet my new pets: Redhead and Gringo :)

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Remember that Summer is all about comfort and having fun.

Stay beautiful and carefree Everyone! :)



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