Monday, February 15, 2016


Beauty need not be expensive.
Got no time nor budget for a facial session? No Problem. 
Instead of concealing all your stress with heavy layers of makeup,

here's a quick fix in pampering thy self --- just because you deserve it :)

A few days ago, I got the opportunity to spend some ME-time with Vedette Facial Mask. 
Vedette is a pioneer facial brand in Vietnam. As market leader, 
they have a wide range of product lineup focusing on skin care, body care and hair care.

The first thing that I noticed upon opening the 
Vedette Clay Facial Mask (Quercus Variant) was its soothing smell. 
I chose this particular variant because it is the perfect fit to my busy lifestyle. 
Think of it as an anti-stress skin solution --- a skin regimen like no other.

As both a fashion blogger and a businesswoman, 
it is key for me to look my best in front of my clients.
I make it a habit to flush out signs of stress 
to keep me looking young and vibrant.

Vedette is so easy to use. I first wash my face then pat it dry.
I then applied the clay all over my face.
 After relaxing for about 20 minutes, I removed the product by 
washing it out with cold water. What caught me by surprise was my skin 
became exceptionally smooth. Almost as soft as baby skin.

The product is said to contain a fusion of
the properties of soggy mud and mineral salts,
no wonder my face feels clean --- a gentle kind of exfoliation, if you ask me.
For best results, use it at least once a week or whenever you need it :)

Vedette has solutions for all skin types. If you want to achieve fairer skin,
then pamper yourself with Pearl Whitening Mask.

Spoil yourself further with Vedette's Mask Sheets.
Rich in enzymes and minerals, your skin will surely thank you. 

If you want convenience just like plug and play,
then mask sheets are a better option. The sheet is already precut.
All you have to do is wash your face then tear off the packet to unfold the mask.

Relax for about 15 to 20 minutes over some of your favorite music.
After which, remove the mask and wash your face with warm water.

I chose the Strawberry Yoghurt mask sheet variant because it helps 
restore my skin's moisture, as well as helps lighten freckles.
Feel free to use this twice a week or whenever you need some ME time.
It's a refreshing way to pamper yourself.

If you follow my posts, then here's another secret why I manage to 
still look young and vibrant despite all the stress :)
Vedette is my perfect Skin Food to look young and radiant.

If you wanna try it out for yourself, check it out via Sister Secrets
or click the links below:

Watchout for my next fashion post. You'll love it.

Happy Love Month Everyone! :)

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