Friday, December 9, 2016


Here's part two of my travel diary to Korea. Took awhile to blog about this because of my crazy schedule, but since people are asking what else they can do aside from exploring Nami Island, then here's a little comeback.

First Stop: Gyeongbok Palace

If you're into history and architecture, then you'll surely enjoy strolling around the palace's spacious grounds while appreciating Korea's many court customs.

Just look at how beautiful and intricate the details are. 

If you got tired from all the walking, then a little stopover should do the trick.

Second Stop: FOOD
what Korea is all about: spices and yes, Kimchi

How about some streetfood for the young at heart?
Checkout this Egg Buns

Perhaps, some barbeque for meat lovers

Also do keep warm with some Chicken Ginseng Soup---a must try

Looking for some Authentic Galbi Jim? 
Go to Seochomyeonok and there you'll find
 what your stomach is craving for: mouthwatering ribs

I can go on forever sharing with you all the food we ate in Korea,
but I should stop now, else it can make you incredibly hungry.
Let's just settle for some dessert before I share with you more scenic places.

A must try dessert is Bingsu--- Korea's version of the famous halo-halo

 Now that you're properly energized,
on to our third stop: Petite France

Visiting the little prince

and our knight in shining armour...
 someday our prince will come

But I must say this Little Prince totally slayed it.

Still hyped up? 
Let's proceed to our fourth stop: Bukchon Hanok Village

Immerse yourself in the northern village and get to see hundreds of traditional houses. Yes it may be a little crowded as it is also a tourist spot :)

If you want to blend in with the locals, then why not 
take the metro or freely explore Seoul as your fifth stop

Ain't they cute :)

Perhaps a walk in the park 

and some goofing around would do the trick

For our sixth stop, we went to SKYFARM located in Yeouido
I personally recommend that you pay this place a visit.

Talk about a breathtaking view as beautiful as this. 
Feel on top of the world, thanks to this posh restaurant.

And the food as well as presentation was superb.

There's so much to do and see in Korea, so before calling it a home sweet home, do make sure that you get to wear some Hanbok or one of their traditional dresses.

I have been transformed to a gisaeng , a female entertainer
Sweet Dreams!

All the best <3

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  1. Truly,amazing place,and the blogger is superantural,beautiful story

    1. Aww, thank you dear Louan for the kind words :)

  2. Truly,amazing place,and the blogger is superantural,beautiful story

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