Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fashion Inspiration for 2017

I've been hearing wedding bells ringing here and there so I figured
why not share with you some fashion inspiration which I got from

Lace Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If you're the romantic type, then lace is definitely your gown of choice.
This look is a charming balance of sweet and sultry.

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2017 Pink Cloud Wedding Dress

Are you one of those free-spirit, creative girls who would dare defy norms?
If your answer is yes, then make your dreams a reality.
Sport the modern fairytale look with this offshoulder floral ensemble.
I'd probably wear this in my prenuptial photo, that's if I get married (lol)

To get this look, check it out here

Royal Blue Cocktail Dress

If weddings no longer interest you, then why not make a grand homecoming
with a cocktail dress like so. It's time to level up by wearing an A-line silhouette with
an eyecatching V-neck that will make heads turn.
Pair it with stilettos and be ready to steal the spotlight.

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Deep V-neck Vintage Dress

Have an evening gala to attend? Go for something sheer yet classy. 
Perhaps a vintage look like so can give you a night full of compliments.

To get this look, check it out here

Red Cocktail Dress

Whether you're planning for junior prom or senior ball,
going for a sweetheart look is always your best bet.
Look every bit of a princess by wearing a satin fabric.
Own the night with the color red.

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