Monday, July 31, 2017

Seasons of Love

Weddings never fail to make my heart flutter. 
What more seeing our bestfriend walk down the aisle, marrying the love of her life.
So much happy tears for the couple.


*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

Knowing Jasmin has been one of my life's greatest blessings. 
Being bestfriends with her for 10 years, I've seen her go through victories & hardships, 
as well as happiness & heartache.

I find it rather amazing on how beautiful destiny played a part in their love story.
Who would have thought that her classmate back in grade school would be
that same guy who would steal her heart in 2013.

 Timing has never been perfect <3

    *Photo by Cristopher Colinares

A week may have passed since Echie and I flew to Cebu to witness a new chapter of their love story;
I must say that this wedding is by far the best I've been to. 
From the venue to the preparations, down to the maid of honor speech
 and special performances, everything was beyond perfect.

The couple was very hands-on, in fact the wedding invitations and giveaways were
 designed by them. They call themselves EA Designs Co. (in short for Ellen & Andrei)
So if you have any upcoming celebrations, you might want to get in touch with them.
They are very talented and professional, down to the minute details :)

Just look at this beautifully boxed bridesmaid kit

And what's inside of it. 
The couple really knows how to take care of their entourage.
From the robes to matching earrings and bags (and of course alcohol)
Cheers to good times! <3

And yes a big thank you to our various MUAs for glamming us up

The blooming bride and her squad

*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

Now off we go to St. Therese. So excited for the exchange of vows

*photo provided by bride

The stunning Maid of Honor, Jen

She is the twin of Jas and one of the main reason for the wedding's big success
They are indeed very blessed to have each other.

*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

I have no words for this photo taken by Mr. Cristopher Colinares. Priceless.

*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

*From SDE by Cristopher Colinares

*Photo by Cristopher Colinares

So glad to celebrate this special occasion with blockmates and friends

The reception is where all the fun starts. The moment I entered the Grand Convention Center, 
it's as if I'm in another universe --- a secret yet happy place where all our dreams come to life.

In front of me was the longest and biggest ledwall measuring 192 feet wide, 
created by RM Events Maker. It took days to set this all up.

Simple Wishes Events headed by Ms. Debbie Huang did an incredible job
 in bringing the autumn theme to life. I'm so impressed with her work that when I get married,
I may commission her to make my dream wedding a reality (that's if I get married, lol) 

A post shared by Debbie Huang (@simplewishesevents) on

A post shared by Debbie Huang (@simplewishesevents) on

The photowalls made by Simple Wishes Events have so much attention to details. Love it!

Gown by Jun Escario

It was a night of serenading with special performances by
Erik Santos, Angeline Quinto, Richard Poon, Basil Valdes and Jeffrey Hidalgo.

With the beautiful bridesmaid

With Jon

Here's the squad impersonating the couple. 

Hello blockmates

With my beautiful bestie Echie. Glad to have spent 4 days with you in Cebu :)

With Cara, Mae & Val

Also, a big thank you to this guy :) 
Pretty much drank a lot and lost count. Rest was history. Lol
Thank you for taking care of us and for staying the whole night just 
to make sure we will be okay. Marks of a true gentleman! I owe you one.

Just in case you missed it, here's the SDE video by Treehouse Story 

Before I end this post, here's our surprise performance for the groom.
Indeed, you do crazy things for love. We had so much fun!!! :) 

(Captured by Cara)

Love is indeed just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.
In God's perfect timing, may we all find the love we deserve :)


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