Sunday, December 23, 2012

Heart of Christmas

Red is definitely one of the "IT" Colors this Season. It's vibrant, cheerful and alive. 

Today's Holiday Destination? Rockwell.
Since I wanted to look fashionable as ever, this is my ensemble for the day.

I just love my maxi skirt! It's sheer, sexy and very feminine.  
Incredibly eye-catching I must say! Don't you just agree?
Wearing this in Rockwell actually did garner me lots of fans :))

Sheer clothing is a revealing way to dress up. Fret not because it's just a matter of creating balance to your look. 
To stay sophisticated, all you have to remember is to have one focal point, meaning one center of attraction.
 Since my maxi skirt has done all the talking, my top is just simple and very basic.

Basic Garments by Plains and Prints
Necklace from India
Zebra Purse 

Checkout for more fashionable finds!

Look how beautiful Rockwell is this time of year! 
Oh how I wish I'll be getting this Mercedes Benz SLK 200 this Christmas.
 Whoever wins this sure is Lucky! :) 

My family and I had dinner at Boon Tong Kee. This was our 2nd time here. 
Last time we went there, we saw Gretchen Barretto dining at the same restaurant.  
I would say that by far, it's one of the best restaurants for Hainanese Chicken/ Boiled Chicken.

In my opinion, their Boiled Chicken is as delicious or way better than Wee Nam Kee. 
Their chicken rice is certainly a treat too :) Can't wait for my next visit to this place :)

Follow Boon Tong Kee at Twitter @BoonTongKeePH
and Rockwell @PowerPlantMall for more Holiday treats and surprises

Lastly, watch this video and feel the true meaning of Christmas!
Remember that Christmas has never been just about the material gifts that we're receiving 
but more of a reminder that Family is our most important blessing and that we should cherish them every day.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS my dear readers =)


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