Monday, December 3, 2012

Runway Dreams

For those people who don't know me that well, here's a little confession....
I've always dreamed of becoming a model, whether it be on Print or Ramp.

I know, I know... it's quite an impossible dream since unfortunately I am not blessed with a model figure.
I certainly don't possess the height requirements nor the ideal body measurements.
But there's nothing wrong in dreaming right? As they say, when u dream, better dream BIG :)

So how did my dream come true? Facebook. Seriously.
While browsing thru my feeds, for some apparent reason, I noticed that AVA and Glorietta posted some contest regarding their upcoming event of staging the world's biggest fashion show.

The contest was simple. All it required from participants was to submit a fierce photo and wait for it to get approved. It did undergo a screening process by AVA team, as well as votation from the public.

God must be on my side because after a few days, AVA tweeted me (@twiniekaye, feel free to follow me) congratulating me that I'm part of the event already. Plus, the moment I saw the "AVA APPROVED" logo on my photo, (photo above) it meant everything to me. I'm definitely IN and it felt so good :)

After a few days, I received news that I was going to represent one of the most famous local brands of the country which is Plains and Prints.

So enough talking and let's go to the event proper...

The Glorietta Vibe Event Poster

The Venue 

My my, Imagine, call time for all models was 8am. Very early indeed. Well, I was an hour late because my brother had to be dropped to school, but no fret because at least I was spared an hour or so from standing under that scorching heat.

Seriously, that long queue of models and the raging heat drove me crazy, but I guess patience is key!
This does not happen every day.

So after finally being able to register, I was assigned to holding area and Runway 3 to meet my co-models for the first time,
get my outfit, and listen to the final reminders before the catwalk.

Some pictures of my super gorgeous co-models 
(Disclaimer: Group Pictures were generally from my co-models but were edited by me)

From L-R: Chriscelle Fermin, Princess Noble, Daf Benosa, Twinie Ng (Me)

With the Beautiful Daf Benosa
Oh btw, she's also a blogger and did I mention that she was my makeup artist. Thanks a lot girl!
 Please do support her blog at It would mean a lot :)

             An almost complete picture of all the Plains and Prints models

More Pictures

One more shot with the Girls

                 Standing from L to R: Princess Noble, Yla Gatilao, Frances Gilmour, Ann Garcia, Chriscelle Fermin, Kc Rosero              
                      Seated from L to R: Angelica Limlengco, Twinie Kaye Ng (Me)

Angelica who is seated beside me is apparently a blogger as well. She and her boyfriend are so cute together!
 I'm glad that her BF is very supportive. We need more guys like him, hahaha :)) kidding aside.
Please visit her blog as well at :)
 I'm pretty sure that there are more bloggers with me during that glamorous event. 
The world is indeed getting smaller.

So fastforward to minutes before the catwalk...

How the Stage looks like at night
(credits to AVA and Glorietta for this photo)

Ladies of Plains and Prints getting ready and feeling the Vibe already...

Here's a sneak peek of me walking the catwalk. I'm no PRO but for a first-timer, I did ok. There's always a first time for everything I guess. See Daf work it (At the projector screen) as I enter the scene :)

Now it's my turn :)

It was definitely a pleasure being on the same event where famous personalities like Bianca Gonzalez, Billy Crawford, Victor Basa, Ivan Dorschner, Jasmine Maierhofer, Bamboo, Kyle Patrick, Denise Laurel, Sam Milby (... and the list goes on) graced the event.

A little about my Plains and Prints outfit... (photo above)
I'm wearing a Plains and Prints Playsuit. I love the Royal Blue Color. Reminds me of my Alma Mater, as well as fits my fair skin. I decided to pair it with simple accessories and very classy black and gold pumps from Parisian. It's definitely one of my favorite pumps. More than 5 people praised my shoes that day.

The event was indeed a huge success. Amateur models like me as well as Pro models were all present in one stage to make Fashion history happen. Imagine, 2255 models in 1 night! Now, we're talking! :)

This only proves that if we are capable of making something like this happen, then anything is possible. 
All we need is one thing... COMMITMENT

This certificate is proof that Filipinos are simply world-class. We can achieve anything. Congratulations to all of us as we are now in the Guinness World Records! We were successful in beating the previous top1 placer who had 1,967 people modelling in the catwalk (Turkey, May 2012).

I am very grateful with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Aside from the unforgettable runway experience, I am most thankful for all the new friends I made along the way. I will surely miss them and I do hope that someday our paths will cross again. Hopefully, this is just the start of my modelling dreams (crossing my fingers)

                                                                      Yours Truly,

Here's our Glorietta Vibe Catwalk video :)
 Check this out. You can find me at 19:51 mark, if you wanna see me :))

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  1. Awww. I'm touched with the caption of the other photo of me, mentioning my blog url and my boyfriend :)

    1. Hi there! :) No problemo! I am so glad to have made lots of new friends along the way :) The fashion show was indeed very memorable

  2. Aw, thanks for including me, Twinie! See you around! :)

    xx Daphne of

    1. Hey Daph! Of course, you deserve all the credit. Your blogsite is great! :)

  3. Aww.. Im so inspired now! Now that i read you post in your blog. Im a big fun of all the blogers
    your dream is like my dream. But for now i dont evwn now how to be like you ;(
    but thank you again for inspiring girls like me ;)

  4. Aww.. Im so inspired now! Now that i read you post in your blog. Im a big fun of all the blogers
    your dream is like my dream. But for now i dont evwn now how to be like you ;(
    but thank you again for inspiring girls like me ;)

    1. Hi Roxanne, It's so nice to hear that we share the same dream. Yes, It's a big dream but I guess to reach that goal, we need to take even some baby steps for it to happen.

      I guess it's all a matter of commitment and drive. Don't lose hope! For sure, opportunities will be present so go grab it girl :) Hopefully our paths do cross 'coz it would be a pleasure knowing someone like you. Stay inspired and fashionable :)

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