Monday, May 20, 2013

Lady Eagle

It has been years since I graduated.
Oh, how time flies...
Wearing this royal blue dress made me miss you all the more ATENEO, my alma mater.

I owe you all the memories I have.
I hope to make you proud some day.

Before I get nostalgic, here's my outfit post!

I wore this to the office today. 
I wanted my Monday to be casual, but still fit for office.
Thus, the leggings.

Since I'm already wearing sleeveless, 
I opted to keep my accessories to a minimum,
else, I'll look like I'm going to a party. 

Ok, I wasn't really ready for this shot, but it actually turned out fine :)

 Trust me on this, being fashionable at work will keep you sane.
When you know that you're presentable, you tend to trust yourself more,
thus boosting your confidence. As they say, it all starts from within.

Gino Knits Dress from Plains & Prints
Belt from Muffin
Shades by FLY

Dream on everyone. Reach for your dreams.


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