Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Medieval Princess

Like most girls, I dream of becoming a princess and getting married to a prince.
While these are just magical fantasies, I can't help but wish 
that I lived during the Medieval Era.

There are nights when I see myself all dressed up in a ball gown, very similar to that of 
Taylor Swift's Love Story music video. Yes, my dreams are that crazy!

Indeed, I was with my prince but I can no longer remember how he looks like exactly
 as dreams become fragments as they say. Well, those were dreams anyway :)

My Masquerade Look

This dress I'm wearing is from ROMWE, one of my favorite online fashion stores.
What I love about this dress is its embroidered mesh.
It gives you that Medieval yet Classic look.

How do you like my medieval princess look?

Well, keep dreaming as they say...
Sometimes it's better in your dreams


Someday, I do hope to meet my happy ever after :)

If you like my dress, you can get it from ROMWE Retro Dress
Stocks go out fast :)

My Extremely pretty pumps are from Parisian
Definitely my favorite! It even matches my dress!

Chandelier earrings from Greece, a gift from Mom.


I wore this dress to the Wedding Reception of newly-weds Grace & Edward.
(Minus the mask of course)
What I love about Weddings is that it's full of mixed emotions.
I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

And here comes the Bride


Look at how radiant the Bride is on her wedding day
While Grace is reading her vows, Edward can't help but look at her,
making him fall even more deeply 

Stay in love and be faithful to each other

You may now kiss the Bride :)

Seriously, these 2 are so cute!!!
Super Hyper! Just adorable :)

 Lovely couple here!
Caption this :))

I'm glad Tita Grace has found the One.
Continue to pursue each other even in your married life.
That is how love should be.

Hopefully in time, 
I'll find my better half :)


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