Monday, April 28, 2014

Sole Sisters

Meet my twin.
My doppelganger.
My Sole Sister.

If there's one thing we both love, it's playing dress-up.
As fashion bloggers, we inspire our readers 
to always incorporate their personal style in their everyday look.

It's not always about what's trending, but most of the time it should be about comfort.
Just take for example the shoes we are both wearing.
SOLEMATE Nude floral for me while SOLEMATE Gray floral for my sister.
Now that's style and comfort, rolled into one.

What we love about SOLEMATE is that it's very versatile.
We can wear it in any occasion or activity and still look ultra chic.

Whether you're looking for that laidback and casual look for summer outings,
SOLEMATE has got you covered.

Or if you want to add a little drama,  
fret not, because SOLEMATE can be your partner-in-crime.

In life, one thing is for sure,
there is no better friend than a sister. 
And there is no better shoe than SOLEMATE.
Ooooh I can actually have this as a slogan.
* Laughs*

Our hearts beat SOLE. How about you Mate? :)

For those of you wondering where you can get this ultra comfortable Soles, 
it's available in all SM Department Stores nationwide.

This Post is not sponsored by SM Megamall nor SOLEMATE shoes.  
We are just sharing the brands we truly believe in :)

To all our blog readers and fans,
thank you for the avid support.

With much love,