Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This fashion post is dedicated to all women out there. 
Mothers, if you're reading this, now is the best time to pamper yourself.
Daughters, if you're seeing this, now is the perfect time to give back to your mother.
Because ROMWE is celebrating with us Mother's Day.

As Mother's Day is coming, I have prepared 2 special outfit recommendations that any mom out there will look good in. I have included a short description for each look, as well as its links just in case you're interested to know more about it. Don't panic though if these get sold-out because there are over 1,500+ styles to choose from. These are just my favorite picks! :)


1- ROMWE Asymmetric Pleated Elastic Black 1-shoulder Dress

Any mom would look sexy in a Little Black Dress. 
This LBD features a 1-shoulder design, pleated styling, elastic waist and asymmetric hem.

You can check this dress at:

2- ROMWE Cut-out Earrings
You can never go wrong with the Black and Gold color combo. 
This pair of gold-tone finish earrings would make you look very elegant.

You can check this accessory at:

3- Heart-shaped Cutout Wedge Boots
And finally dance the night away with these unique pair of platform boots.

You can check this wedge boots at:


1-ROMWE Round Neck Sheer White Cloak Dress
This extremely stylish and enchanting white dress features a cloak styling design. 
Look ultra-chic in this dress!

You can check this dress at

2-ROMWE Black & Gold Chunky Sunglasses
Sunglasses like these are a must-have. 
It features a transparent lenss, two-tone lightweight frame with curved design for a secure fit.

You can check this at

3-ROMWE Cute Bowknot Rose Platform Thin High Heels
High heels are said to make women look more sexy and confident. 
This pair features a bowknot embellishment for an added charm.

You can check this platform heels at

Whatever look you prefer, remember that CONFIDENCE is key to everything. 

Now that I've shared with you my style suggestions, 
I'd like to take this chance to also thank my mom for 
everything she has done for me through this poem I made.


Oh mom,
there are 365 days in a year,
And you've been working non-stop for us.
I'm sure you need a break.

You endure just about anything
to serve us 7 days in a week.

You cook,
But you eat last;
I'm sure by then, you lose your appetite.

You wake up early,
But you don't have to,
But you still do,
Because you want to personally bring us to school.

You get sick
But you still force yourself to get up;

And you even manage to ask us how our day went.
No one does that better than you.

You're like superwoman.
You have your own weakness but you remain strong for us.

Mom, you are simply beautiful.
Thank you for your love that is genuine and selfless.

I may not often say this,
but I love you very much.

A mother like you who gives her all for her children deserves to be loved in the most beautiful ways.
...And I am sure any mom would do just about anything for their children.


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