Sunday, August 30, 2015

Home is where the heart is

Choosing the perfect house that you can call home is
 like finding the right person in life. 
Sometimes Dreamy. Most often Difficult. And at times Devastating.

Well, I'm no expert in love nor am I bitter but I believe that courtship entails 
so much time, patience and of course budget --- so as your dream home.

To make it more interesting, I'm sharing with you 5 of my chosen dream homes with
the help of and why I like it by sharing with you
my personal views on achieving that #relationshipgoal of yours. is the fastest growing property portal in the Philippines. 
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One of my first qualifications in finding the perfect home is
that it gives me PEACE OF MIND.
I want a home where I can let go of all my worries and just live life as it should be.

Being the busy woman I am today, I believe I deserve to live with comfort
and FLAIR TOWERS can give me that homey feeling that I've always wanted.
With first class cosmopolitan living right in the heart of Mandaluyong
who wouldn't want that?

FLAIR TOWERS Location: Reliance corner Pines Street, Mandaluyong City

On #RelationshipGoals: For a relationship to work, the foundation should always be trust.
    A little jealousy is good, but not all the time. Both of you chose each other for a reason.


The second quality I look for in a home is that it should be SPACIOUS.
Yes, each member of the family has his/her own private life to deal with but 
for a happy home to exist, the family must find things to bond with whether it be 
household chores or enjoying a movie marathon together. 

Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger, 
so sooner or later I'll get married and have children. I believe that 
this 3-storey house and lot in FILINVEST 2 is suitable for those needs. 

FILINVEST 2 Location: Brgy Batasan Hills, Commonwealth, Quezon City

On #RelationshipGoals: You and your partner may have gone thru the 
"it's you and me against the world" phase but that doesn't mean that day in and 
day out you should be together. Give each other the freedom to enjoy the company 
of their friends and socialize with new people. Don't be too cliquish.


Let's admit it. 
Physical attraction may not be everything, but it is one thing.

I want a home that is AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, 
one that I can be proud of. One that I can go home to every single day 
praising its beauty and elegance. Because truth is, in beauty, I find comfort.

I found the appeal I'm seeking in TIVOLI GARDEN RESIDENCES because
 it's a place that gives you a "resort-experience". There is no need for me to even travel
 to Tagaytay or Subic because in Tivoli, there is already abundant 
recreational facilities that I can access at my own convenience. 

TIVOLI GARDEN RESIDENCES Location: Coronado St. Mandaluyong

On #RelationshipGoals: Keep the fire burning by pursuing each other everyday. 
Some couples after getting married lose interest in making themselves presentable as 
they have already found a lifelong partner. Make sure to spend time in 
making yourself attractive because that was what created that spark.

Another important qualification I look for in a home is SECURITY.
That is why I'd love to own a unit in IVORYWOOD RESIDENCES.
I get to experience the proximity of BGC, the joy of
indulging myself in metropolitan living plus the 24/7 secured facility
with perimeter fence of IvoryWood.

IVORYWOOD RESIDENCES Location: Acacia Estates, Taguig


On #RelationshipGoals: You're partner made her vows to you because he/ she felt secured
 with you. Maintain that trust and your marriage will grow in love.

And last but not the least, it is crucial for one to maintain STABILITY.
To keep up with the current lifestyle you're living, managing finances is key.
Make sure to always set aside a contingency fund for emergency needs.

If I have enough financial means then I would definitely pick this 
in Dasmarinas City. With beautifully landscaped gardens and 
Mediterranean inspired architecture, who wouldn't want to live in
one of the most coveted neighborhood in Makati?

GRAND MEDITERRANEAN ESTATE Location: Banyan Road, Dasmarinas, Makati


On #RelationshipGoals: As a couple, only buy the kind of lifestyle you're
capable of sustaining. Now that you're married, priorities have changed. 
What you want is different from what you need.

Remember that our choices do define us. Before making the decision,
make sure to spend enough time in knowing that prospect of yours, whether
it be on a property or a lifelong partner.

These are investments worth having and if you see a future with them,
then it is something worth pursuing.

Always bringing you the latest in lifestyle


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