Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Secret to Looking Young & Beautiful

If there's one thing I can't perfectly style, it's my eyebrows.
Rarely do I get to achieve that arch I wanted. 

I don't know about you but if there's one thing I want
constant in life, it's having well-defined brows.

A few weeks ago, I decided to make that dream of mine come true.
I approached Pretty Looks , an aesthetic clinic with 
33 years of experience in beautifying eyebrows.

I brought my twin along and we had our brows done at the 
Ortigas Branch located at
Unit 201 Grand Emerald Tower, Garnet Road, Ortigas.

Pretty Looks also has branches in Quezon City and The Fort Strip.
More branches will be opening by the end of this year so do watchout.

So here's my story. 
I'll give you a walkthrough so that you'll know what to expect 
if you do decide to give yourself a well-deserved beauty treat.

Upon entering the clinic, I was given a customer data card 
for me to fill in my personal details.

While waiting for my turn, I managed to take a quick selfie before 
a topical anesthesia was applied to my unruly and undefined brows.

The anesthesia is your secret antidote to having a more painless experience
so relax and let your skin "absorb" it for about 20-30 minutes.

After a few minutes, your eyebrows will feel a little numb
 but that's just normal. It's the signal that you're good to go.

The aesthetician assigned to me was MJ.
She first assessed my eyebrows and 
then determined the best shape to complement my face.

She did the initial outlining of my brows 
giving me some options of brow shapes to choose from. 

You can also choose your preferred brow color and brow shape like so.

I was impressed with MJ because just when I was about to ask her 
if she can draw me more brow options, she told me that she definitely will because 
she wasn't satisfied herself. That proves how she values her work ethics and 
her commitment to serving her clients well. 

After a few more tries, 
she proceeded with the eyebrow embroidery aka micropigmentation.
The procedure I underwent was "eyebrow reborn" which lasted for an hour or so. 

Since it's impossible for me to take a photo of myself while undergoing the procedure,
here's the beautiful Ellen Adarna who also had her brows
done with Pretty Looks. The procedure she underwent was S3 Eyebrow Stranding.

Eyebrow Reborn
Intended for people with full eyebrow hair but wants a more defined and shaped eyebrows. 
It will give an effect of an eyebrow pencil. 

S3 Eyebrow Stranding: 
Intended for people with minimal eyebrow hair. 
It is the newest procedure which will give illusion of hair strands. 
It is with full stranding which gives the most natural effect.

After the procedure, you will be given some reminders on how to care for your brows.
You will also be given some antihistamine (if you were not given earlier) 
as well as offered some cream which you can buy on the spot or 
at drugstores for a faster healing process :)

Now that I have given you a glimpse of the entire procedure,
here's my New Look.

My brows may seem very dark but no worries, that's just for a few days!

Here's a photo of me and the pretty MJ.
Thank you for the gift of beautiful brows :)

Remember that having well-defined eyebrows can be the best
accessory to your face. It gives you that glow of beauty and confidence.

Here are some of my headturner moments, thanks to Pretty Looks!

Cheers to permanent makeup and waking up to a more beautiful you.

After a week, your brows will lighten and look more natural like so.
If you feel that you still need a little retouch, then Pretty Looks will be 
happy to accommodate you. 

If you want to checkout more of my brow stories, feel free to follow me via my
IG account: @twiniekaye 

I'm proud to say that Pretty Looks is a trusted brand for pampering your brows.
I recommend that you try it out for yourself and experience the difference.
Congratulations Pretty Looks Family :)

The Founders (L-R) 
Susan Co-Ong, Steffi Blair Ong, Sue Hannah Ong

If you want well-defined brows like mine as well as these beautiful celebrities,

do inquire or consult with Pretty Looks via

And because you're reading this, here's a special treat for you sister
Feel free to let me know if you're interested and I can help you out.
You can drop me a line via or click the link above :)

Stay beautiful because you deserve it :)

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  1. Nice brows! did you get the brown shade? And how much did it cost? Thanks! :-)

    1. Hi, dark brown I believe :) The procedure will actually depend on your brows, if it's sparse or not.

      To give you some guide, here's what I gathered:

      Eyebrow Reborn: (5k-30k) Intended for people with full eyebrow hair but wants a more defined and shaped eyebrows. It will give an effect of an eyebrow pencil. (Package inclusive of 2 retouch sessions if needed with interval of 3 weeks)

      4D Eyebrow Cloning: (10k-30k) Intended for people with sufficient eyebrow hair with areas to improve. Using embroidery and feathery strokes and minimal stranding which will give an effect of a fully defined and shaped eyebrows. (Package inclusive of 2 retouch sessions if needed with interval of 3 weeks)

      S3 Eyebrow Stranding: (16k-30k, 2 sessions) Intended for people with minimal eyebrow hair. It is the newest procedure which will give illusion of hair strands. It is with full stranding which gives the most natural effect. (Package inclusive of 1 retouch session if needed with interval 6 weeks)

      If you're interested, pls feel free to inquire/ contact Ms.Blair of Pretty Looks, she's one of the owners, just tell her that you read my blog (Twinie Ng of IamMyOwnStylist):)

  2. my version of doing my brows.

  3. I'm but your eyebrow without the full make up looks a bit darker in shade making it seem unnatural to your beauty. Would loved if you had read facts about microblading your eyebrows but still it is after all your choice and it makes you happy so that's nice.