Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dove Girls

A week ago, I got the opportunity to stay at Aruga Rockwell,
many thanks to Dove who always makes sure that we get the best care we deserve :)

I spent it with my twin Sophie 

and my tita Becca.

My family and I have always been a loyal user of Dove
so when I was chosen by Dove to join them for a staycation together
with my girlfriends, it was time to pack our bags and go :)

I wore this white V Neck Ruffle Bodycon Dress by ROMWE
for a sophisticated look. 

Thank you Dove for the very warm welcome :)

Special mention to Ms.Julia Ng, Dove Hair Brand Manager for making this happen. 
It was an honor to meet the person behind Dove's unwavering success.
And interestingly, we both share the same last name. Amazing! :)

While having some snacks prepared by Aruga,
together with other Dove Girls,

I got to share my testimony of how Dove has touched my life.
Being so busy in business as well as my passion for blogging,
I make it a point that I look presentable because the way we carry ourselves 
reflects our true confidence.

Thankfully, Dove has given me that luxury my body not only needed but wanted. 
Real Beauty comes with real care and Dove does that.

They say all good things come to an end but I say this is only the beginning of
something beautiful. We all have the capability to inspire and empower women
to be strong and beautiful.

Let's start with proper self-care because the moment we embrace our true selves,
that's when we become the most beautiful. 
Proud to be a user of Dove Oxygen Nourishment :)

Because no matter what, you and I are Dove Girls!


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