Friday, September 4, 2015

Draft that Masterpiece

Ever had that feeling of wanting to try out a new restaurant, 
but too shy or too lazy to even ask about it?

L-R: Salmon Wasabi Mayo by SumoSam | Fresh Teppanyaki Oysters by Akira | President Steak by Myrons

Well to all food enthusiasts out there,
I bring you some awesome news!
I found a powerful app that puts you in control of your cravings 24/7:


OpenSnap is new mobile app powered by OpenRice. It is a revolutionary dining platform
that allows both you and me to upload food photos for the whole world to see.
This app is a gamechanger because it makes one's dining experience a whole lot better.

Whether you want to filter the type of cuisine you are craving for or

sort dining options based on your current whereabouts, 
OpenSnap can help satisfy that hungry palate of yours.

So if there's one restaurant I would recommend to my readers this 2015,
it would be DRAFT Gastropub.

DRAFT remains to be one of the finest and most sought after
European Gastropubs in the Metro. 

I'll let this photo diary justify my claim.

If I got you a little hungry, that's just the start. 
Checkout Draft's other branches at BGC and Rockwell.

If by any reason you're craving for something different,
something refreshing then it's time for you to
dropby OpenSnap and give yourself a little treat.

Perhaps some coffee or molten chocolate cake?

What are you waiting for?
Let OpenSnap be your guide and let yourself be heard.

With over 1 million restaurants to choose from,
OpenSnap is like Instagram and Twitter combined, only better.
It's upto you to filter the photos to your heart's content,
include hashtags as you wish and even link and share via your social network.

Remember readers: Life is too short to miss out on good food :)
For more restaurants and food finds, 
download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

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