Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keep Cool and Eat Ice Cream

Nowadays, Manila is becoming like the busy streets of NYC. 
With today's fast-paced lifestyle, it's often difficult to find time 
to relax and unwind, but when we do, it has got to be worth it.

While going around the Metro, my twin and I found a cool hangout place that
can satisfy our cravings and at the same time put a smile on our face.

Call it a guilty pleasure, but Ice Cream would always be part of everyone's childhood;
And I'm glad that Mr. Lincoln Cheong, the man behind the new 
ice cream parlor Carousel Creameryunderstands that. 

If you look closely at this photo, you'll know how well-loved and in-demand this place is.

With more than 101 flavors to choose from, the 'kid' in you will be all giddy.
To help you out, I did a little chitchat with the owner himself and 
here are some revelations about Carousel Creamery:

Speculoos, Dark Side Chocolate and NY Cheesecake

(I'm lucky to actually have chosen a crowd favorite, as the very first flavor 
that I tried before getting to know Mr. Cheong was NY Cheesecake)
Verdict: melt in your mouth creamy goodness

S'mores, Chunky Cheese and Kitkat Milo Crunch

Rum Raisin or All Spice 'n Everything Nice

And if you're looking for more interesting flavors, why not try
Pinoy Beer & Chicharon, Bacon & Cheese ice cream, Baileys or 
perhaps Wasabi to tickle those tastebuds.
So many iconic flavors to choose from, what's not to love?

Not to mention, Carousel Creamery is not just pure ice cream; 
they offer more than that.

If you're looking for some caffeine-kick with the goodness of ice cream,
give their signature | ESPRESSO SHAKE | a shot.
2 Scoops of Ice Cream and a double shot of espresso,
topped with whipped cream and coffee beans.

My twin and I chose Salted Caramel as a flavor for our Espresso Shake.
Normally for drinks, we would share, but for this shake, no can do :)
One Word: Delicioso!

For our combo deal, we ordered  | CHEESE DOG | .
The Hotdog comes with a side of fries, Heinz ketchup and Mayo.
Simply perfect for chillout sessions with your barkada.

Just look at us dig-in.
If you personally know us, we eat like boys!
Petite girls but with Big Appetite (hence our body figure, lol)

Our Dessert Experience wouldn't be complete without these 2 sweet treats:
1 Scoop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in between 2 brownies,
topped with warm homemade caramel sauce

Scoops of Dark Chocolate, Mocha Oreo and Rocky Road Ice Cream,
topped with Oreo cookies and wafer sticks

We could have shown you more IG worthy shots, 
however our tummies are about to explode. Will definitely be back! 

Here's a photo of us goofing around with sunnies just because it's summer :)

Irresistible Food (Melt in your mouth goodness),
 Great Music (Beats full of life), 
what's not to love?

Mind you though, this place easily gets full so you know what to do :)

Whether you're in a celebratory mood or have some matters of the heart to attend to,
 let Carousel Creamery be your beautiful distraction #wevegotyourflavor

Must Visit Dessert Bar: Carousel Creamery
Address: 8 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan |
Amenities: Unlimited happiness, accommodating service, FREE WIFI and
all sorts of music from T.Swift, J. Bieber, Pop, Rnb, Hiphop etc. 
Number:  775-9092 | Email: info@carouselcreamery.com

Hope you like this feature. Trust me, go ahead and treat yourself.
it's worth all the calories.

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