Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Story of Us

Call us your Everyday Women.  
Like everyone else, we try to get by each day looking radiant and well-polished.

Juggling our time with four companies plus a fashion blog,
people would often ask my twin and I how we do it? 
It's not easy, but with the help of some "friends",
we manage to look young and vibrant despite all the stress,

In fact, my twin made an amazing testimonial on one of the
products we patronize and I attest to it :)

Bless us L'OCCITANE en Provence for we have sinned:
Mind you, you weren’t our one & only previously.
But 3 years ago, our forever started with you.
Before falling in love with you, my twin & I hated lotions & creams.
Oh you bet, we simply hated anything greasy, sticky and slimy!

Let’s face it:
Who would want to shake/hold hands with us when they’re greasy, right?!
Who would want to kiss us when our lips are all glossed up?
And who would dare put a ring on our finger when our hands look wrinkled & old for our age?

Beauty really is more than just skin deep.
It is an investment that we should continuously work on.
Our relationship with L'Occitane started when we noticed we weren’t getting any younger.
In fact, our mom was always compared to us, radiant & blooming as ever.

Yes, she passes as our sister!
And we knew she was doing something right to maintain her youthful glow.
“The fountain of youth---Blame it on L’Occitane,” she tells us.
And this is where our L’Occitane obsession basically started.

Photo taken from L'Occitane

Mom swears by Reine Blanche Illuminating Eye Care & Mask.
She’d say: “Thank God, I don’t look like a Panda anymore.”
Oh, thanks to mom, we’re obsessed with Almond Lighter Legs.
A long day of wearing heels has never felt this effortless, relaxing and refreshing.

Chapped lips, Dandruffs. And dark spots.
Ordinary problems that doesn’t go away easily.
But with L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream, 
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick---Problem Solved!

It was certainly not a cheap investment but we knew it would be worth it.
With L’Occitane, our confidence was at its peak.
Oh, it did wonders to our skin.

Yes, our best beauty decision was the moment we switched to you L’Occitane!
heart emoticon

It's no secret that beautiful skin captivates.
If you love yourself, take care of your skin, and it will love you back.
Time to look like a demi-goddess and share the love :)

How about you, what's your skin food? 


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