Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Standing Tall

Being petite is not a walk in the park.
It's actually an insecurity that most girls like me have.
So I figured why not share with you some tips 
on how to look tall sans the heels.

First is to observe proper posture
I know, I know, that's a given,
but most of time, we tend to forget. I myself plead guilty.

Second is to Wear Co-Ords.
It gives you a better silhouette by somehow elongating your legs.
To pull-off this look, I went for an ensemble that has an
 interesting print and a side slit top and shorts terno.

Lastly, Shoot from below.
Bend as if you are to tie your shoelaces and see 
how a change in perspective can recreate your look.

I hope these tips are helpful. After all, when you look tall,
you feel more confident about yourself.

Sharing some positivity and good vibes!


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  1. I like the dress ate. Ang simple nia pero maganda . Still available pa ba yan. You look stunning bagay po

    1. thank you Louan for always checking out my blog :) So glad you like this look