Saturday, June 3, 2017

Camp Rock

How time flies. I can't imagine we've now reached half of 2017.
To some students out there, it would mean school in a few days. 
To others, it would mean wedding bells.
To me, another day to create a better version of myself, and perhaps make things right.

Anyways, before that goes somewhere else, here's a simple look I created for campus girls out there. 
(sans the falsies, just added that for drama & bigger eyes. Mascara would be your best bet for a more natural look) 

If you're still studying, then style and comfort are definitely on your priority list. 
Not to mention, selfies and OOTDs are such a big thing especially for millenials.

So my style recommendation would be:

a velvet top (for a touch of glam)
jeans (time to bring back high-waist)
white sneakers (or your favorite pair of kicks)
your choice of accessories (cap/choker, or both)

I may have graduated college for several years now ; 
yet I get to dress up freely----Oh, I'm so blessed to not look my age :)


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