Friday, October 13, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

I've been busy lately, but whenever I've got the time, I actually enjoy reading Thought Catalog.
An article I read recently entitled 'In a World Trying To Make You Heartless, Be Kind', written by Rania Naim caught my attention.

One very inspiring message that she shared , to which I quote:
"In a world telling you that you can't have it all, dare to dream, dare to believe"

Yes, it may sound simple or rather cliche to some, but to me (and hopefully for you as well), it may serve as a reminder to always strive to create the best version of thy self. As they say, don't compare yourself to others; only compare yourself to yesterday :)

And of course, no matter how hard or hectic life may get, always dressup and look your best. Trust me, it will make your day a little bit better! Since the weekend is finally here, sharing with you two looks I created just because I received a quick challenge (Style A Print On Print Look, why not).

I'd like to end this post in the words of Rania, "In a world trying to change your heart, learn how to fight for it....because when this world ends, you won't remember the days you were cruel or heartless... you'll remember the times you fell in love, the memories that made you smile, and the people who were there for you."

So enjoy the weekend with people that matter. Cheers :)


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