Sunday, March 3, 2019

Summer 2019 Must Haves

And just like that, it's Summer Time again. You've probably read hundreds of fashion articles so I won't bore you with another OOTD for today's post. Instead I figured sharing with you some summer essentials for 2019:

Expect to sweat in this scorching heat. Stay fresh all day with just a spritz of your favorite scent. In my case, the perfume I use all depends on my mood. For this look, I'm using ICON Perfume by Fragrance Box PH .

Summer is the best time to exercise the 3 B's : Big, Bright and Bold. If you're not a fan of wearing accessories, then your bag can be your style muse. These Aurora handle wraps by Oh My Bag PH  can actually double as a bag scarf. Such a perfect match for my chic bag.

For your upcoming beach trips and escapades, I encourage you to use bags that are not only trendy but eco-friendly. Avoid using plastic at all cost; not to mention, it is tacky. Invest in something you can use multiple times. I'm currently using this Gingham Print Bayong by Bayong Manila which for me is the perfect bag size to carry my towels, wide brim hat and summer essentials.

With our very busy lifestyle, our bags also need the best care possible. I'm glad that I found comfort with Oh My Bag PH . They have various bag care products that you can checkout, from bag shapers for your Louis Vuittons to raincoat bags for your Longchamps to their fun-loving bag organizers. Take for instance their Gingham Indigo Backpack cover to which I used  to protect my bag from getting wet while I take a quick swim. 

Being a girl, I am guilty of bringing more than I need. I am not a light traveler and I doubt I will ever be one. That is why I make it a point to use bag organizers for my vanity products. Plus points for this very cute 'Owly Winky' design.

Happy Packing dear readers! Enjoy your summer vacation :)


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