Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Little Things

Our finite lives are just borrowed and bestowed on us. Often times, there's so much going on that we forget to pause and appreciate the things and people that truly matter. Who would have thought that something as basic and abundant as water can just ran out. Similarly, life is so uncertain that we can lose someone without having the chance to say goodbye.  More than just a regular fashion post, I'm writing this as a reminder for all of us (including myself) to live a life of purpose and thanksgiving. Blessings are everywhere. We just need to find positivity in all things.  

In fact, our very own Miss Universe Catriona Gray is testament that the journey to greatness is never easy. She may have come a long way to win the crown but it sure is worth it. On her IG feed last March 19, 2019, she posted: "I realized that night that those doors that closed on me in the years prior were not denying me but redirecting to something even better than I could have ever dreamed of. Sometimes the Universe has bigger things in store for you, you just need to stay true to yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you, put the work in and have faith." These are indeed inspiring and uplifting words from the Queen of the Universe.

So whether you're having a challenging day or week, know that it's only temporary, you'll have better days ahead. Wow, seems like I've done a prelude for Holy Week. LOL. Now let's go back to my OOTD.  Summer is the best time to experiment with different looks. My outfit is actually composed of two garments combined, creating a chic and polished ensemble. The trick is to just find a tube dress in your closet (even formal ones are okay) and combine it with another stylish top. In my case, an offshoulder plaid top is my choice to look more flattering.

After which, decide on your footwear and accessory depending on the occasion you're dressing up for. More often that not, I create my looks depending on my mood. Go extra by curling your hair and wearing heels. It does wonders especially when you need that boost of confidence.

Hoping that you learned a thing or two. Truly grateful for the continuous support. Wising everyone a good day ahead. Remember, we are blessed in more ways than we can think of :) 


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