Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dress Me Up

If there's one local brand I trust, it would be Plains & Prints. 

The person behind this brand is the lovely Ms.Roxanne Farillas and with the introduction of Liz Uy as the newest endorser of the brand, there is no doubt that Plains & Prints is in good hands. Expect bigger, better and bolder collections to come your way. 

Liz sure has taste when it comes to style and Plains & Prints certainly did the right thing in choosing her. She's fun and fearless. She may have had her fair share of ups and downs, but look where she's at right now. Oh how I just admire her! I wish someday I too can have the chance to be a clothing brand ambassador or be in a styling stint.I would even do it for free! That's how I love fashion. Well I guess, there's no harm in dreaming. Someday hopefully :)

Welcome Liz!

               From Liz Uy's Safari collection

Tribal Chic

                  With the various ensembles they offer, you can't help but create multiple versions of you. 

Corporate without being overboard

Chic and Sophisticated


    Girl Next Door



Dramatic and Playful


(totally honored to be with the lovely Georgina Wilson)

Sleek and Feminine

Sweet and Romantic

More power Plains & Prints! Congratulations to Liz, one of my favorite style icons :)


  1. this entry is probably my favorite as it is a variety of different styles/looks which caters to almost everyone. though i may not be able to wear the same type of dresses you do (we have different body types and taste), i can use this to give me an idea when it comes to mixing and matching colors. ;)

    1. Hi Abi! Thank you for taking time to browse thru my blog. I'm so glad to have inspired you to experiment in dressing up. One more tip though, dress for yourself and not for others, that way, you'll be confident with yourself :)

  2. Love the whole looks twinie! Especially the "Corporate without being overload"!:D i'll use this idea for my office look :)

    1. Hey! :) wow thank you so much. I'm glad you were able to get new ideas for your work ensemble :) take care