Friday, August 31, 2012


Want to Standout?
Bid Good Bye to Neutrals and say hello to Neon. 

Chocolate Hills, Bohol 

Necklace from Carbon

Graphic Pants from URVANA u.s.a
Bangle from Carbon

3 Simple Tips: 
Experiment with colors
Colorblock --- don't be afraid to mix and match!
Pick contrasting yet complimentary colors to portray a cool and relaxed look

Look how cute we are. Bohol came by so random. 

Can you find the little Tarsier?
Trivia: Tarsiers are Suicidal creatures, (seriously!) so please don't add stress to their lives :))

Melia, the snake, scared the hell out of me. HAHA.

Friends for Life :)

*credits to Jasmin Sarmiento for all the pictures*

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