Friday, August 24, 2012

Fallen Angel

 "Greek Goddess", "Diyosa" or "Minerva", whatever you want to call me, I am here to stay. 
I felt like dressing up as a Deity and went to Greenbelt with this look. 

I just love how this salmon color mullet dress follows my every move. 
The fabric is so light that I feel carefree in it. That day, all eyes were certainly on me.

For my accessories, I only played with 2 colors: Gold and White. This adds more drama and 
completes my Greek Look.

In this photo, I look like a fallen Angel in the midst of darkness

Mullet Dress by ZARA


  1. hi twinnie! :D I love your whole look :D

  2. 2nd row left pic and last pic are my favorite.
    you were able to portray 2 contrasting images, with just 1 look/outfit.
    good job!

    1. Hi Abi! I'm touched! Thank u so much. I personally love both pics too. My mood and my dress made this photo fab :)

  3. ang gandaaa. sayang most zara clothes are bigger than me T^T

    1. Thank you!!! :) Maybe it's time for Zara to level up and cater to every size! I'm pretty sure they'll do good