Sunday, February 17, 2013

Roses are Red

So it's Love Month again. 

Couple holding hands while walking...
Fresh roses being delivered...
Surprises being made here and there...
...All for the effort of Love.

Though I don't have someone special yet, I just love seeing people fall in love. 
How I just wish that people were like this every single day. 
I'll be sharing with you some tidbits of my love life in the latter part of this post 
so keep reading my dear readers.

But First, how did I welcome Valentines Day? By Wearing Red.

Larraby Dress by Plains and Prints

I intentionally wore red to deceive people that I have a date on this special day 
and guess what, it actually did work. Haha! Anyways, this beautiful dress I am wearing is from 
the China Collection of Plains and Prints. 

I just love this dress because of its asymmetrical cuts and very striking color. 
It's very light and flowy, simply perfect for a date or a night out with friends.
It requires minimal accessories as it can do all the talking.

Necklace from Aldo
Heels by Chelsea


I'm a very sentimental and nostalgic person if you know me well. 
Back in high school and college, I'd say I did receive quite a number of flowers and gifts from suitors. 
Every time I'd receive a bouquet of flowers, I'd make sure that I' preserve some of its petals 
and up to this day I still have them. All the letters and pictures of my friends are also kept in a very special box. 
I'd keep everything or at least preserve a memory of it. I'm a sucker for this haha :))

So are you wondering who I got these presents from this 14th of February 2013?

Well, this time it's not from a guy.
This came from none other than my very close friend Jasmin. 
She wanted me to feel all the love this Valentines 
and she was indeed successful to make me feel special. 

Truth is, I realized that Valentines is not just for couples
 but also a way of appreciating the goodness in someone.
 It's all about SHARED LOVE.
 Jas is indeed a sister to me and I thank God that 
I have her as one of my best friends.

Every Girl loves to receive flowers. 
There's just something with it that makes me swoon or have butterflies in my stomach.

So I guess since its the season of Love, memories have been haunting me lately (in a good way though)

I won't divulge all as some are really personal but here are some of the sweetest memories/ kilig moments 
that I cherish up until now that were done by mostly different guys:

- A basketball game was offered for me "This Game is For you"
- I being part of his Dream
- Him cutting some classes just to teach me
- Receiving a Bear and a letter right before a difficult test 
- Receiving a text in the middle of class telling me to go down because he bought some Starbucks for me
- Dropping by my house and bringing some sweets to cheer me up after some bad test result
-Being my doctor/ rescue when I injured my feet. Toenails were bleeding. He temporarily cleaned my wound
 -Giving me his Blue Rose in Ateneo
- When someone said "I will not go to this (event) if it's not you I'm going with

Okay, I guess that's more than enough. I'm getting carried away already =*)

Cupid might still be busy with other people but someday I wish I'll get to meet my better half. I don't know if he is just around the corner or I have met him already, but no matter what, I just hope that when that time comes, I'll just know.

I guess Love comes by when you least expect it. I just hope that the guy I will fall in love with will stick with me through thick and thin. Someone who would still open the car door for me. Someone who would consider my feelings. Someone who would be proud to introduce me to his family and friends. In other words, someone who would make me feel special always.

And when that time comes that I finally say YES to him, I do hope that he will still continuously pursue me and make me feel that I am his world. Who doesn't want her fairy tale to come true right? Someday, I will meet him and hopefully he will be my first and last.